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RE/MAX Alpha, situated in the heart of Corfu city on the island of Corfu, the largest island and district headquarters of the Eptanisa island complex, is the newest member of RE/MAX's large worldwide family, one of the greatest Real Estate networks in the world. RE/MAX Alpha and its Realtors are the best professionals to advise you about handling your Real Estate portfolio in the city of Corfu, in the island of Corfu or anywhere in Greece and through our strong network we can accommodate any and all Real Estate needs anywhere in Greece, Europe or worldwide.

Real Estate Corfu

Realtors who work with RE/MAX Alpha, with the complete education that RE/MAX has offered them, the constant training in any Real Estate news and under the guidance of our broker/owner Mrs Antonella Chytiri, will always be at your service to offer you top quality services and advice on how to handle your Real Estate portfolio, on selling or leasing your property or on buying or renting a property that you're interested in acquiring in order to house your life's dreams or your professional plans.

What does RE/MAX Alpha have to offer?

Real_Estate_CorfuRealtors who work with RE/MAX Alpha are able to offer professional advice to property owners so as to contribute in selling or leasing property, benefiting from all the advantages the network has to offer and the technical know-how they have at their disposal, as members of the RE/MAX family, as well as help any interested buyers or renters find the property that best fits their housing needs.

  • They reclaim decades' worth of know-how in the Real Estate industry
  • They cash in on the largest brand name in Real Estate
  • They benefit from the referral network that helps close deals faster
  • They have many technological aids and constant support at their disposal
  • Professional and complete listing and marketing solutions in Greece, Europe and worldwide

Contact RE/MAX Alpha, for a personal meeting with one of our Realtors to discuss how we can collaborate in fulfilling your dreams and accommodating your Real Estate needs.
Watch here our Corfu properties.

Details RE/MAX Alpha

Agent: Antonella Chitiri
: 1 Ι. Mantzarou Str, 49100, Kerkyra / Corfu
Telephone: +30 26610 21199
Fax: +30 26610 21126
E-mail: Contact Re/MAX Alpha Corfu

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