Cheap Tickets to Corfu

No doubt you want the best for a holiday on Corfu! But that don't mean that it's necessary to spend more money than needed. One of the things you can do to save money, is the price of flight tickets. There is a lot you can do about it! Read the tips below to find out that flying to Corfu can be cheaper than a bus ticket.

  • Be in time. The earlier you arrange your Corfu tickets, the bigger the chances are to get a bargon. So if you're planning your holiday on Corfu, check the providers of tickets at least six weeks before take off. On the other hand, waiting for the last moment can be very beneficial too. The risk is, however, that you will get no tickets at all because many people might do the same
  • Wait until the day of departure. This procedure is even a bigger risk than the previous hint. Especially when you definitely want to spend your holiday at Corfu. But when you're lucky you might buy the last tickets for next to nothing
  • Apply for newsletters. OK, it can be pretty annoying to be buried under newsletters, but it can be worth it! You'll get information about discounts and special offers that's withhold to other holiday seekers
  • Check last-minute offers. It can be advantageous to check the last-minute trips of travel agents to buy cheap tickets to Corfu. You already booked accommodation by Green Island? Big deal, you got your tickets for cheap. Welcome to Corfu
  • Book tickets right after the season. At the end of the holiday period many people don't feel the urge to think about their new holiday. Then there's always a downfall in ticket sales. Providers don't like that and want to trigger people with nice offers and discounts. Take your chances!

Remember: with all the hints mentioned above, you need some luck too. Or: being at the right site at the right time. Green Island wishes you lots of luck and a great holiday at Corfu!