Corfu Police

Corfu has a very low crime rate, one of the lowest in Greece. This is due to the culture here. If you commit a crime not only you have trouble with the police but you also bring shame upon yourself. More importantly you also bring shame upon the church and your family, both of which are valued very highly on Corfu. However it is still advisable to be vigilant with your belongings and it is better to use a safety deposit box for valuable items as well as your flight tickets, money and passport. Any theft should be reported at the nearest police station within 24 hours and a written report obtained. This report is required if you wish to make an insurance claims on your return home or if you should need an emergency passport issued.
Here's a list of telephone numbers which can be helpfull during your Holidays on Corfu

Tourist Police San Rocco 26610 32065
Traffic 26610 39294
Port 26610 30481/32655
Paleo 26630 41203
Skripero 26630 22222
Kassiopi 26630 81240
Magoulades 26630 51222
Lefkimi 26620 22222
Karousades 26630 31222
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