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corfu_korrisonParamonas Beach is long streched, the ideal location for a nice beach holiday on Corfu. The sandy beach is sheltered by a lush green hillside where you can have a great time. The beach goes down slowly into the sea, so you can walk a while before you have to swim. A perfect beach thus for children, who can play in the sand and the water to their heart's content.
The water is unlikely blue with clear white crests of the calmly rolling waves. There are a few rocks in the sea where it's very busy with very colourful sea creatures. No doubt it's a great place for snorkeling. If you want to stay dry, you can rent a pedalo or a boat to see Corfu from the coast line. The beach stretches a long way to the North and the South and it's worth some effort to discover it. Some of the beaches and bays are only attainable by the sea so take your chances and find some of these hidden Corfu treasures.
Like every Corfu Beach you will find some traditional tavernas where you can have a lunch during your beach pursuits, or to have diner after a wonderful day at the shore of Corfu. Though you must not expect an endless boulevard with beach bars, restaurants and disco's. Hey, this is not Sidari! Paramonas is a lovely spot for holiday seekers who like to celebrate vacation in a quiet and peaceful environment. Bet you believe it that you will come at ease under your umbrella, staring zt the deep blue horizon and the ground swell in front.

Beautiful area

corfu_korrison_lakeParamonas may be small, but it's a nice place to spend the holidays. The resort is located in a huge green area with many opportunities to wander or to ride a bicycle or scooter. You will notice the beneficent serenity while discovering this Cofu area. You will only listen to the characteristic sound of the Cicadas trying to impress a female. Whilst strolling through the (olive)woods very often you will enjoy the gorgeous vistas on the Ionian Sea and the West coast of Corfu.
In the vicinity of Paramonas you will find some lovely small beaches like consecutively Prasoudi Beach, Kanouli Beach and Alonaki Beach. Piece by piece nice and quiet beaches, well worth to bring a visit. You will love it there, with some nice bars and restaurants, right at the sea, where you can have a nice drink, a good lunch or a copious meal.
When you don't mind to walk for half an hour, why not visiting Halikounas Beach? This Corfu beach is famous because of it's rare natural area. At the seaside you will find a very long stretched beach with some dunes, behind is Lake Korrison. The beach is great, but the lake and the surrounding area also. It's a perfect habitat for a large variety of singing- and waterbirds (you may even watch Flamingos), insects, rodents, rurtles and reptiles. There are many paths around the lake to walk and that's what you should do during the holidays.

Going out during the holiday

If you want to see how the residents of Corfu live, then visit the neighbouring village of Paramonas, Agios Mattheos. This is a picturesque village in the hills behind Paramonas, 1500 people living there. This is an authentic Corfiot place, with a nice village square with Greek taverna's, bars, a supermarket en some shops. You will regret it when you don't pay a visit to this nice little village. Roam through the narrow streets, watch some very old churches and other sights, find out how the Greeks live their lives. You will experience the tranquility of a society like this and you will taste the jovial atmosphere of old times.
All in all Paramonas is a prime choice for a great holiday at the greenest island of Greece, Corfu!

Paramonas Area

corfu_korrison_lakeThe closest villages around Paramonas beach are Agios Mathaios and Pentati Village. Agios Mathaios village, at the foot of Mount Pantokrator (not thé Pantokrator) is one of the biggest villages in Corfu with a population of over 1500 people. This atmospheric Corfu village was built on the lower slopes of the mountain with the same name. It’s a village filled with many corfiot traditions since it has it’s own Philharmonic Orchestra, female (old) ladies folklore vocal groups and traditional cafes on the main street.
A huge dense forest of oaks, fruit-bearing trees and wild olive groves incircles the village. During the 19th century fugitives were hiding out amongst the myrtles and lentisk shrubs. Nowadays it is totally safe to walk through the gorgeous forest, and perfectly convenient to cool down at the hottest period of the day.
Near the summit stands the monastery of Pantokrator (Panta = Eternal, Krator = Ruler, or The Almighty). This monastery was built at the start of 4th century AD and well worth the effort to bring a visit to this well preserved show place of Corfu.
A so called all-night festival takes place on August 6th and it’s well worth seeing. Nearby is the entrance to a cave which is said to lead down to the sea.

History of Paramonas

The historical value of the place is undisputed. From here traces of Mesolithic man have been found. Another village which is close to Paramonas Villa, is Pentati. The village has less than 300 residents and is also surrounded by wild olive groves. Every August a traditional fish festival takes place there, where you can taste for free some sardines and other kinds of fishes, since Pentati village used to host many fishermen families in Corfu.

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