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Vast Temploni

temploni corfuTemploni is a large village on Corfu, set on a beautiful hilly landscape in the center of this pleasant Greek holiday island. Enormous in terms of the surface area only, for there live only a handful of people in Temploni. It covers so much ground that it is obvious that it was a pretty awesome area. Just a short walk around the village is out of the question. Although it is worth it, Temploni is a wonderful walking and cycling area. But take your time to explore, after all you're on holiday on Corfu.
For the notorious shopping addicts Temploni is not the appropriate place to spend your holiday. Nor if you want want to visit every bar in town and then crawl home - it’s impossible! However Greekophiles will like it very much here in the heart of Corfu! Plenty to do in Temploni.

The Green heart of Corfu

temploni corfuOf course you're near the beaches, like almost everywhere on Corfu. Temploni lies between the beaches of the east and the west coast of Corfu. In ten minutes time you can be lying on the beaches in Gouvia. If you want to go to, let’s say Ermones or Paleokastritsa, it will only take fifteen minutes before you can dive in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea. That’s good, isn’t it?
If you have come to discover the beautiful nature of Corfu then Temploni is the right spot. The rolling landscape invites even the most dedicated motorist to leave the car behind. You have many miles for hiking and/or cycling during your Corfu holiday. The nearby Livadi Ropa is a beautiful area. On either side of the road, that goes from Corfu Town to Paleokastritsa, there are many hiking and biking trails with almost no traffic. You can peacefully enjoy all the beauty of flora and fauna that Corfu has to offer in this area.

Enjoy all the good

temploni corfuNo doubt about it that you will really enjoy a few brisk walks during your holiday in Corfu. Wherever you come into this expansive environment you have superb views, sometimes even over the sea. During one of your walks or cycle trips you will probably arrive at the town square. You must visit Kostas’s taverna called Ladokola. This is a very authentic taverna where you - together with the Greeks – can have an excellent meal for a little money. Life is good on the beautiful Greek island Corfu!

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