Corfu Specialities

Visitors to Corfu, who have been to other areas of Greece, will be surprised to see different dishes on the menu. This is partly due to the Venetian influence, pasta playing a large role in many Corfiot dishes. Tavernas (restaurants) serve standard Greek and in some cases cosmopolitan food but many include Corfu specialties in their menus.

Κεφτέδες Keftedes Traditional Ionian meat balls
Παστιτσάδα Pastitsada Meat in red sauce served with pasta
Παστίτσιο Pastichio Macaroni pie – layered meat, pasta and béchamel sauce
Γιουβέτσι Youvetsi Lamb (or beef) with seed pasta cooked in the oven
Σοφρίτο Sofrito Veal in a garlic sauce
Στιφάδο Stifado Beef (or rabbit) and small onion stew in red sauce
Μπουρδέτο Bourdeto Fish served in a red sauce, spicy
Μπιάνκο Bianco Fish and potatoes cooked in a white sauce

While in Corfu for the holidays, why not sample some of the islands own wines? Some of the vineyards are open to the public, or alternatively try something a little bit stronger – Κουμ Κουάτ. Koum Kouat is a liqueur specific to Corfu and is made from the small orange like koum kouats which are in season in the spring of the year. There are 3 types – one made only with the fruit, one with a blend of fruit and flowers and one from the flowers. Each has its own distinctive taste.
The best known Brandy on the island is Μεταξά (Metaxa), a little sweeter than French brandies. Try the 3* when mixing (with sprite, coke, orange, ginger ale, soda or even tonic) or go more upmarket and choose the 5*. For real connoisseurs try the 7*, very smooth.
You can’t visit Corfu, or Greece, without trying Ούζο (Ouzo). Pernod lovers will enjoy this aniseed-flavoured drink. The Corfiots drink it straight; sometimes with ice or with water. It can be mixed with soft drinks, although that's a kind of a shame. Beware! It has a powerful kick but helps your fluency in Greek!


Λευκός White Wine This comes in sweet (γλυκό) and medium sweet (ημίγλυκο)
Μαύρος Red Wine Known locally as black wine. Dry (ξηρό), medium sweet (ημίγλυκο) and very sweet (πολύ γλυκό) varieties can be found
Ρετσίνα Retsina This resinated wine is an acquired taste but is popular chilled and can be diluted with water, soda water or sprite. Some people even drink it with cola

For first time visitors to Greece there are many types of wines available! In many of the specialized wine stores you can taste the wine.

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