Banks/Money Exchange/Credit Cards

Main branches of Greek and some foreign banks are found in Corfu Town and are open between 08-13.30 Mon - Fri, some days staying open for an extra hour or so. Most of the villages have one or more cash machines. Money exchange facilities can be found in the more touristic coastal resorts. Many businesses will accept credit cards. However check first and they may charge commission on the total cost of your bill.

Western Union Transfer

One of the quickest ways to obtain cash from the UK is via Western Union. The process is as follows:

  1. Contact a family member or friend in the UK.
  2. Ask them to visit their nearest branch of Western Union - Information of branch location is available by telephoning 0800 833 833.
  3. Ask the sender of the cash to let you know the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Receiving Money at a local Corfu Agent of Western Union
  4. Visit, with your passport or other valid identification, one of Western Union’s local Corfu Agents: All Post Offices and some agents as listed below.
  5. Fill out a Receive Money form.
  6. For faster service quote the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN). Depending on the location and amount of money you are collecting, you may be asked a “test question” to verify you are the intended receiver. The test question is created by your Sender in order for you to be identified on collection of cash. There is a transfer charge payable in the UK but none in Corfu.
Corfu AgentAddressOpening HoursTelephone
Island Holidays Main Road (end bus route), Kavos Mon-Sat 09.00-21.00
Sunday 09.00-21.00
26620 61427
26620 61357
Infodata Alykes, Potamos Mon-Sat 09.00-14.00
Tues/Thu/Fr 17.30-20.30
26610 39220
Lord Travel Alexandras Av. 40 Mon-Fri 08.30-21.00
Sat-Sun 09.00-21.00
26610 49100
Armenis, Geniki Tahidromiki Acharavi (next to Alpha Bank) Mon- Fri 09.00-18.00
Sat 09.00-15.00
26630 64800
26630 64178
Central Post Office Corfu 26 Alexandras Avenue, Corfu Mon-Fri 07.30-20.00
Not Weekends
26610 39604
26610 25544

Western Union

Customer Services in UK 0800 833833 (08.00-21.00)
From outside the UK 00 353 669 792 719
Free line 8001190200 (09.00-21.00)
Customer Services in Greece 210 9005000
The international dialling code to the UK is 0044; omit the first 0 from the UK area code. If you are unable to pay for your call you can place a reverse charge call by dialling 00800 44 11 which will connect you to a British Telecom (BT) operator in the UK.

(Information extracted from the British Vice Consulate Website Corfu)

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