7 Mile Limit at Kontokali Bay - Corfu

corfu 7mile 01On Corfu are so many talented musicians! Whereever we went for a musical event so far, we never regret it. This time we listened to a band called 7 Mile Limit, a 7 member band based in Corfu. They took us on a musical journey through the era when U.S. laws banned alcohol a dozen of miles beyond its shores. They brought to life the music and sounds from the streets of New Orleans and the Mississippi shores to the grand Jazz stages and the fast and lifting swing time rhythm. It felt like we were there, instead of Kontokali Bay Hotel Corfu. To do so the band is using new and alternative arrangements, even blending sounds from rock genres. If you have the chence during your Corfu Holiday, try to see and listen to them. You will have a great time!
Click on the images below for an impression of the concert...

corfu 7mile 15 corfu 7mile 13

Check here the Facebook page of 7 Mile Limit and here to watch them rehearse

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