A cat called Demon

a corfu cat

corfu catFrom the day Demon was mentioned in that article, about her heroic victory over a 4-lined snake, she started to become a little vain. Giving orders to her staff - me and my wife - and developing some manners you usually see with famous stars. corfu catShe stopped chasing mice and rats, saying it was not her job any more. If we want a cat that's chasing pests we were supposed to get one of these vulgar straycats, she told us.
And what we were afraid for happened indeed, in a couple of years she transformed from a sportive cat that knew her responsabilities to a VLC (Very Lazy Cat). corfu cat 04Demon only wakes up to have some breakfast and after finishing it, she continues sleeping the rest of the day. At the end of the afternoon she opens her eyes and mouth to make us aware that it's time for her diner. That's her daily schedule, can you believe it?
corfu cat 05OK, granted, she is ten years old now, not a youngster no more. So we don't expect her to run around all day hunting for prey. But hey, it's a cat, so it would be best for her health to have an active life, right? It happened at some point this week that I saw her lying like dead that I got bored of this extreme laziness. I warned her that she has to change her ways for her own good. Because she's laying around the house all day, got no job anymore, not searching for it at all and so on. And what did she answer?

corfu cat 06

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