A Durrell Holiday?

corfu durrellsThe island of Corfu was many times decor of movies and TV series. The most famous movie shot (mainly) in Corfu was without doubt For Your Eyes Only (1981) with Roger Moore as James Bond. Maybe less famous but still a classic movie with famous stars is The Greek Tycoon, starring Anthony Quinn as Aristotelis Onassis and Jacqueline Bisset. And of course the thriller Fedora (1978), with Henry Fonda, William Holden, Hildegard Knef and Michael York.
Very actual now is the British series The Durrels. It's based on Gerald Durrells 'The Corfu Trilogy':

If you are a fan of the series, and many people are, wouldn't it be fantastic to visit the places where The Durrels was filmed? To experience the same feelings as Louisa, Gerry, Larry, Margo and Leslie Durrel during their life on Corfu? It is possible now to walk through streets where the actors walked, where they swam, had diner at the beach and all. Check here how!
Of course you can arrange your own holiday on Corfu! Find here some lovely holiday accommodation all over the island and crawl under the skin of Gerald Durrell and his animals..., err, family!

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