Corfu Rocks!

corfu art 06So we had the honor to welcome The X-Lovers, one of the most popular bands of Corfu, in our house, or should I say: on our terrace. Since I make some photos every now and then when they are doing their thing, it seems a nice idea for them to give a private show at our pool terrace. But it wasn't easy to find a date that everybody was available to play, and so it didn't happen so far. Until that Tuesday afternoon that I received an sms from George, the band leader and guitarist of the band: 'We can play at your house tomorrow! You have 1 hour to decide.' Oops! Alright, but then we have to arrange many things in a very short period of time. But hey, it's an offer I can't refuse, so see you tomorrow night!
And then I started calling friends, telling them what a great opportunity they had to see one of the best bands of Corfu at work. Had to do some groceries like nibbles, drinks and so on. So shortly, busy busy busy, take it easy, but hurry!, where's my bl00dy phone, no stress, no stress, but so busy!

corfu art 02Wednesday evening at seven the whole westside of the terrace was stuffed with instruments, heavy amplifiers, huge speakers, spotlights, stands, microphones and hundreds of meters of power cable. While George and Thodoris - the soundman - worked their asses off to finetune the installation, singer Alexia and bass player Foivis entertained themselves in the swimming pool. There are Work horses and Ornamental horses, as we used to say in Holland.
After 8.30 the guests dropped in slowly, most of them in tense anticipation of what's coming. At 9.30 the installation, the lights and everything were ready, when Giannis, the drummer of The X-Lovers, arrived. Right after work, took a shower, loaded his drumkit in the car and off to work again, now as a drummer. When the drumkit was ready and the bass player and the singer were dried up, this very special musical event started!

corfu s1 73What a brilliant night we all had! Songs like Seven Nation Armee, Save From Harm, Come Together, One Way or Another, Sweet Dreams and many more classics brought the audience into exaltation. The girls were dancing, the guys were drinking and some of the attendees did both, while the band played like there life was on the line.
After three hours of playing my personal favorite Misirlou (from the movie Pulp Fiction), was announced by Alexia: 'All right, everybody be cool, this is a robbery! Any of you f#cking pr!cks move, and I'll execute every motherf#cking last one of ya!' That's the sign to introduce the band members and is also the end of the show. Then the audience, ± 35 people, was yelling 'More, more, more!, so the band played a couple of encores and at 1.15 in the morning it started to become quiet in Agios Ioannis again.
When you think that the party was over then, you're wrong. Hey, this is Corfu! The atmosphere was great, the temperature also and most of the people stayed until very late. Or shall I say, until very early. After waving goodbye our latest guest at 5 in the morning, both of us fell into a bottomless pit. Completely exhausted but happy as a monkey in a monkey tree.

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