A Corfu Zoo

corfu zoo 05You might have noticed that we had some unusual visitors over the last three or four weeks. We were visited consecutively by a snake, a scorpion, a tortoise and two beautiful green lizards. Not to mention many grashoppers, bugs, crickets, mantis and other creeping and crawling creatures. 
Sometimes they were indoors, like the snake, a scorpion and last but not least a fantastic green lizard. But most of the time they felt more comfortable on our terrace or garden. Some of them feel free to jump in our pool, which gives me the opportunity to make some beautiful photos of our guests since they forget that they can't get out the water by themselves. Most of the saved creatures need some time after salvation to rearrange their wings, scales and shields and they don't mind that I photograph them.
Others were on our property against their will, brought in by our predator cat Little Johnny. In that case I had to curb the cats enthusiasm a little because she don't know that this funny colourful toys are a bit breakable.
When I thought about it, I decided to snuggle through my pictures and found out that we had a colorful collection of bypassers over the years. And I come to no other conclusion, we live in a zoo!


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