Corfu Easter Postcards

Had a good time at Easter Corfu this year? Some atmosphere at the island when you was here, right? Since Corfu Easter is the biggest celebration of the year, we decided to create a special set of postcards, Easter at Corfu. The crowded streets, the red banners, throwing of the pots (before, during and after), the philharmoniki (fanfare), everything that makes Corfu Easter so special. The set of eight postcards is printed on high quality postcard paper, exellent for sending to your friends and relatives, to show them what Corfu Easter is about. You can purchase a set of 8 very special postcards at Cosmopolitan, the giftshop at Pentofanaro (Five Lantarns) in Corfu Town, beside MacDonalds. Take a look at the postcards here:

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Cosmopolitan Corfu Town

Kapodistriou 48 Corfu Town


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