Magnificent Mantouki

mantouki corfuAfter doing some business in Town, I decided to have lunch in Mantouki, the old neighborhood nearby the port. What a marvelous time I had there, sitting watching, eating and drinking. While I sat there, enjoying my saganaki with cucumber, olives and onions, nipping my drink, I was thinking of the first time at this terrace.

Some time ago I went to The Old Factory in Mantouki, to make photos of this abandoned olive oil factory. When I finished my photos I left the factory and wanted a drink. So I sat down at the first small terrace - two tables only - that I found. And that was Anna's kafeneio. On the sign hanging outside I saw that a tsipouro, my favorite nip, costed one Euro fifty only. So I sat down and ordered a tsipouro and some water beside it, no ice please. I got my tsipouro, a fresh bottle of water and some nibbles and had a wonderful time there. Watching the people going bye, doing their thing in a very quiet pace. The sun was shining, the temperature was fantastic for the time of year (February) and I made some beautiful photos.
When I finished my drinks I went inside and asked the friendly lady, probably Anna, how much I owed her. One Euro, she said. I answered: Err, on your sign I saw that it's 1,50? That's for tourists, she said.
Can you imagine? A three quarter liter bottle of water, a ferm tsipouro and some mezes and you pay one Euro? So that's why I decided to go back and have another good time in this fantastic neighborhood.
Here's some photos to give you an impression of this lovely area.

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