Exhibition Greek Mythology

corfu exhibition 09When we enter the exhibition space of the Municipal Theatre in Corfu Town it was already loaded with people. The collection of 35+ paintings was created by several painters, so the style of painting was very diverse. Modern, classic, oil painted, pencil, printed, abstract, figurative and so on. I say it agian, Corfu is so artistic! For a small island there are so many talented painters. To name a few: Dimitris Analytis, Carla Bellou, Fotini Anemodoura-Souereth, they all showed their skills on canvas, wood and paper.
All the well known and less wel known mythological charachters were brought to life: Medusa, Oddyseus, Hades, Persephony, Poseidon, Sirens, Ariadne, Pegasus, in short a varied company. Click on the picture below to watch a part of this beautiful collection.

corfu exhibition 04

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