Dancing Corfu

zotto corfu0Yesterday evening my wife and I went to Achilleion. Not to watch the palace of Sissy (or maybe anyway), but because there was a tango event on the roof terrace. We were not the only ones, 200+ dancers joined us for this very special event.
Special? Yes, one of worlds most famous tango dancers, Miquel Angel Zotto, came to Corfu for a demonstration of his orchestics. Since it takes two to tango he took his charming dance partner Daiana Guspero with him to the island.
zotto corfu02The event started at 11 in the evening and since we are a bit Greek nowadays, we arrived 15 minutes before midnight. The nine muses were already accompanied by many dancing couples and a huge audience watching the spectacle. All of them were in tense anticipation for the arrival of the maestro himself and his lovely Daiana.
My nickname is Dick Astaire, so when we found an empty table I sat down and start to look around, every now and then nipping my glass of wine, and eating some tasty nibbles. I'm named after the brother of Fred Astaire, who never in his life did a single dancing step, you must know. So after ten minutes of watching the dancing multitude I decided to enter Sissy's summer residence, searching for places that usually are prohibited for visitors.

zotto corfu03After photographing many of the beauties of the palace I was standing on a stairs to photograph a marble head, when a couple was climbing that stairs. When he saw me the guy asked to make a photo of him and his partner, an attractive lady with long dark curly hair and a solid decolleté. Miguel Angel Zotto and his tango partner Daiana Guspero, coming all the way from Argentina, straight into my camera!
Half an hour later I watched the couple in full regalia, dancing the stars from heaven. I know nothing about dancing and especially about tango, I really don't get it. But man, it is amazing what this guys can do on a dance floor. Like I already said, I can't explain what and how they do it, but click here to see the amazing dancing moves of Miquel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero.

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