corfu pink floyd 19On Facebook, sometimes it's really useful, I found out that a new musical event was coming to Corfu. So I went to Corfuland to purchase tickets. When it concerns music, me and my wife love to be there. Especially when it is a combination of rock and classic.
And you can say that, if one of the best rockbands of Corfu, called Planet Caravan, and one of the oldest philharmoniki's of Corfu, the Mantzaros Wind Ensemble, decided to perform ... The Wall, one of the classic albums of Pink Floyd.

corfu pink floyd 02In which a small Greek islet can be large! On a beautiful location, namely the monumental Old Fortress of Corfu, a huge stage was build against one of the enormous walls of this collossal rock giant, to give room to 50+ musicians with their instruments.The decorum couldn't be chosen better, the impressive wall beside the venue is over 100 meters high. Ladies & Gentlemen, The Wall!

corfu pink floyd 22As some Greeks use to do, we arrived at the moment the conductor, the orchestra and the band were introduced. So we were convicted to see a chair in the back. Which was no problem at all, since the concert was audible for everyone in Corfu Town and the surrounding area.
A blind person could see the huge operation was very well organized. A brilliant lightshow, speakers and a sound system which would not be wrong at a Pink Floyd concert, and a bunch of sound technicians sitting behind huge mixing panels, managing innumerable buttons, handles and sliders.
And the band of course, and the philharmoniki. Over 50 people on stage, of which most weren't born or even on the make at the moment Waters wrote his masterpiece, working their butts of to play the sometimes very complicated songs. Needless to say that the audience of 1000+ people had a great night.

Some of you might wanna ask: How much did you pay for the tickets, for a spectacle like this? Maybe you visit some local bands when they play in your home country, and you know you have to empty your pockets. I can remember when I visited Roger Waters fifteen years ago, when he and his band played in Arnhem (Holland), that I paid 95 Euros per ticket. This time I paid 70 Euros (presale). But I went home with seven tickets in my pocket. If I was unemployed or a student, I only had to pay half price. It's this small details that makes the diference.
Here's some footage and a photo impression of the whole gig

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