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Pelekas is one of the most central located villages of Corfu. It is built on a mountain top at the West coast od the island. It is a perfect image of the past. It's not like touristic resorts as Dassia, Gouvia, Sidari or Acharavi, to mention a few. In Pelekas you will find no endless boulevard with restaurants, nightclubs, karaoke bars and other touristic attractions. Pelekas hasn't almost changed since tourism on Corfu exploded. Pelekas kept its own identity.

Perfectly located on Corfu

Pelekas is situated at an altitude of 200 meters and goes up to 250 meters. The village is build in layers and you will experience some significant height differences. No doubt that you will have some spectacular views of the area from several places in this coastal village. Especially when you visit Kaiser's Throne at the top of the village, you will drool of the vista. You will see not only the inland of central Corfu, with some lovely mountain villages like Varypatades and Sinarades, but Corfu Town as well. Also mainland Greece, Albania, Mount Pantokrator, Troumbeta Pass and so on. A must do during your holiday on Corfu.

Cozy Pelekas

If you will do the effort of a walk through Pelekas - please do that! - you will be surprised that such beautiful places still exist in modern society. Very ol dchurches, houses,narrow streets, tiny shops and very old residents, you will find it all. You will come at ease, guarenteed. No busy traffic, streets stuffed with people, noise, stress and other characteristics of your home situation. Watch the people around you, their slow speed, how they do and live and follow that example. At least during your stay on Corfu. You are on holiday now, don't forget that!
Though there is enough entertainment in Pelekas. There's a few nice bars and taverna's, most of them with a terrace where you can sit in the sun, having beer, ouzo or wine, enjoying the good things of life. Some of those places often have live music, Corfu has many top bands which play the whole season all over the island.
Furthermore you can buy your fresh bread at the bakery, there's a supermarket, a butcher, some souvenir shops and so on. Never a dull moment in Pelekas.

Beach holiday Corfu

But, do we guess right that most of you come to Corfu for the beaches and the sea? Hah, of course you will leave your resort everynow and then and go to the beach. Pelekas Beach is the right to be. Admitted, it's a tough walk, to go down over 200 meters. Not to speak about climbing it, but relax. Take your time to enjoy all the beauty of an island like Corfu around you. When you're able to lay down in the warm sand of Pelekas Beach or Kontogialos Beach, you will be more satisfied than ever. What a beautiful beach it is, here at the West coast of Corfu! Crystal clear cooling water, some nice beach bars and taverna's, pubs and all the entertainment you may expect from a coastal village on Corfu.
Now that we mention a Corfu beach, what about Kontogialos Beach? Another beauty of the wWest coast. Or Maybe you want to discover the beaches of Glyfada, Gialiskari, Agios Gordios, Ermones? Enough choice in Pelekas!

In the middle of Corfu

Since you are in the center of Corfu, it is easy to get out, discovering the island. Our advise? Rent a car or a scooter and go! Corfu is to beautiful to not discover it to the bone. Of course you will visit the metrpole of the island, Corfu Town. The opposite of Pelekas, with thousands of people, traffic, busses, shops, bars and all, but a must do during the holiday. But, how about the wonderful South, like Chalikounas Beach and Lake Korission? Or Paleokastritsa, with several wonderful beaches, or the bustling nightlife in Dassia and Ipsos for instance. Pantokrator? The abandoned village Perithia, a ride throught the beautiful North? You can do it fr

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