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  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Quiet
  • Fish Restaurant
  • Walking

  • Type: Apartment, Studio
  • Beds: 2 to 4
  • Rooms:

    Apartment: 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, balcony
    Studio: 1 bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony

  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Pool: Yes
  • Comfort:

    Refrigerator, cooking stove and oven, water cooker, Air Con

  • Extra Info:

    Thomas, the owner of the apartment, is a fisherman who provides his own restaurant, right in front of the apartment, daily with fresh fish

  • Transfer:

    If possible Thomas will pick you up from the airport. Don't get angry if you have to take a cab or rent a car, Thomas is a very busy man

  • Price:
    All season: (May - October)
    Apartment: € 45 per day
    Studio € 25 per day
  • Deposit: No
  • Add. Costs: A small amount is charged for use of the air con
  • Resort:


  • Area:

    North Corfu

  • Contact: Thomas Tsoukalas
  • Telephone:


  • Mobile:

    +30 697 7025393

  • Website:


  • Description:

    Thomas Apartments is located on a quiet road at the perimeter of Arillas North-West of Corfu. This small village is an oasis of tranquillity in the middle of the beautiful nature of this part of Corfu. The apartments of Thomas Tsoukalas are no exception. You will feel at home in this lovely family run business.

    Resting on wonderful Corfu

    Here you have a wonderful opportunity to to relax and enjoy the good things of life. With only a four-person apartment and two studios you're not exactly overrun by hordes of inmates. Here you get the chance to erase the effects of another year of hard work. No fuss, just pure enjoyment of life.
    The apartments are clean and tidy with the necessary facilities to keep yourself presentable for others, sleeping and cooking your own meals. You can keep your wine and beers cold, and drink’em at the lovely pool of the complex. As if that was not enough for a top holiday experience, you're also still within walking distance of the sea! If a five minutes walk is not too much to ask, you can visit the pleasant beach of Arillas every day. And life is good here folks, with a pleasant promenade with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops and other shopkeepers who love to support tourists.

    Hiking in northwestern Corfu

    Thomas Apartments is located at the foot of a beautiful hilly landscape. No doubt about it, the numerous roads and trails will excite your curiosity. From the first day of your stay in Corfu you want to discover why the North-West side of the island is becoming increasingly popular for holidaying. With a few picturesque villages in the area - such Afionas and Agios Stefanos - every day is something new. You won’t get bored at this part of Corfu!

    Adventure during your holiday

    Of course sometimes you want something different than sunbathing, swimming and doing nothing. For the adventurous it might be an option to go fishing with the owner Thomas. He is not only managing the apartments to earn the daily bread for his family. He is a fisherman too! The night before you better go to sleep early. Thomas will leave very early in the morning to catch his fish. Sometimes he is willing to take guests o his trip. The only thing he asks is not to jump overboard if you are seasick. He got his hands full with carrying along the well-filled nets.
    Have you made the decision to join, know that every fiber of you will enjoy the scents of an early morning on Corfu to inhale. See how a Corfiot fisherman braves the elements and uses his nets. Taste the salty water of the seas once you are aboard and be surprised to see what a rich harvest of seafood is being brought to the surface. What makes it even more interesting: That slippery colored object that sometimes kicking at your feet is technically speaking 'fish'. The very same night it will lie staring at you from a plate in Thomas’ fish restaurant!

    Excellent seafood restaurant in Arillas Corfu

    Thomas Apartments is in fact located directly behind the popular seafood restaurant of the Vavilas family *! With Captain Thomas as principal supplier of course. This traditional Greek fish restaurant in Arillas opened its doors in 1992. The Vavilas family is one of the most famous fishing families of Corfu since the early 20th century. This father-son event has resulted in the fish restaurant Vavilas and can rejoice in popularity, both tourists and locals. Because Thomas does not know what he will hoist up that day, for real seafood lovers it is always worthwhile to ask what is outside the menu to enjoy.
    By the way, restaurant Vavilas serves traditional Greek meat and vegetable dishes as well. Very important to know when you may well hate scales, gills and bones! Thomas and Georgia Tsoukalas give you a warm welcome!
    * Vavilas is the family name of Thomas, although he Tsoukalas surname used. Do not ask how this use works among the Greeks.

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