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  • Beach
  • Cozy
  • Hospitality
  • Walking
  • WiFi

  • Type: Apartment
  • Beds: 2 / 3
  • Rooms:

    bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, balcony

  • Pets Allowed: No
  • Pool: No
  • Comfort:

    Oven and three cooking rings, a fridge with freezer, a kettle and a full set of pots, pans, plates and cutlery. Every apartment has its own shower with hot and cold water, a wash basin and hair dryer

  • Extra Info:

    All the apartments have a fully equipped kitchen and environmentally friendly mosquito nets! In addition you will find all the little things that make a difference, such as salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, and some cool water and fruit waiting for you.
    The balconies overlook a luscious flower and vegetable garden and the olive groves behind it which stretch towards the sea

  • Transfer:

    Not included. Read how we can help

  • Price:
    2-pers €35 €40 €50 €40 €35
    3-pers €45 €50 €60 €50 €45

    Prices apartment per night (not per person)

  • Deposit: Ask the contact
  • Add. Costs: No
  • Resort:


  • Area:

    North Corfu

  • Contact: Han Christou
  • Telephone:

    +30 26630 51428

  • Mobile:

    +30 6932 648788

  • Website:

  • Description:

    Welcome to Zambeta Apartments, warm welcome by Hanneke Christou, who unexpectedly because of her Greek surname is a genuine Dutch Lady from Brabant, Holland. For over 35 years she has lived on Corfu. She is Greek with the Greeks and a tourist with the tourists. Maybe the Greek owners of holiday accommodation sometimes find it difficult to see into the complex mind of the tourist, Hanneke knows exactly what they want and especially what they do not want.
    Not only because of her origins, but also because her many years of experience as hostess of Zambeta Apartments she knows that tourists she has met do not really care for a 200 watt ultra-modern quatro huge plasma TV screen with 1000 channels and a remote control with lots of buttons. Nor is it their intense desire to sit on a toilet with a self-rotating 36-position jet-spray nozzle seat.

    Dutch hospitality in Corfu

    The wishes of the everyday tourist during his holiday in Corfu is generally limited to a simple but clean and well maintained and equipped apartment or studio, with a toilet with a toilet seat, a clean shower without mineral deposits. When we find our holiday accommodation provided with a coffee machine and an ability to cook our own meals it finishes the apartment off. A little help with renting a car or scooter or tips on fun things to do, yes, we like that even better! Hanneke knows it all, counts these needs as her responsibility and fulfils them if it is within her capabilities.

    Lots of extras in your Corfu Apartment

    OK, your apartment is so nice, clean and luxurious, but if you do not sleep because of the mosquitoes, you're still not happy. Then it is really great when you find an anti-mosquito device in each apartment. They really work, this writer knows!
    If you believe that such things cause headaches, well, there's always an environment friendly mosquito net over each bed to ensure that you will get your necessary rest.
    Host Hanneke knows what Dutch hospitality is. For example you will find things like salt and pepper, oil and vinegar in the cupboards. Nothing is nicer - well, almost nothing - then to find cool water in the refrigerator on arrival after a tiring journey. And what about the bowl full fruit? That’s what we mean by hospitality.

    Super hostess of Corfu

    Hanneke knows all the ins and outs of the island- the what, where, how of celebrations and feasts in the neighbourhood etc. She is also well-read in the history and mythology of Greece in general and Corfu in particular and knows a lot about the flora and fauna of Greece's greenest island. If that was not enough, you can also interrogate her about the Greek and Corfiot culture and cuisine.
    Such interesting conversations you won’t have while standing up, but while enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of homemade wine in her beautiful garden; she will tell you everything you want to know about Corfu.

    Fantastic vacation in Corfu

    Zambeta Apartments consists of a small number of apartments and studios, and therefore falls under the category small. The complex is located on a quiet side road less than 100 meters away from the bustling main street of Arillas. So if it’s necessary you can creep back to your apartment if the Arillas nightlife has become too much. With enough restaurants and other catering outlets around, Arillas is a good place to enjoy your holiday. Everything you need is within walking distance. Last but not least, after a five minute walk you can lay your body to rest on the lovely sandy beach. Spread your beach towel, apply your sunscreen, put on your snorkel and float in the warm sea! After drying, and perhaps even closing your eyes for a while, you can walk along the boulevard, wondering where you will have dinner that night. You need to eat and drink, otherwise you will die. It is never too early to plan where you will have your next meal. This is really a holiday folks!

    Walking or cycling holiday Corfu

    Owing to the location of the apartment it is the perfect base for exploring the northwest of Corfu. It is so wonderful hiking and biking here during your holiday.
    For the recreational William Walker who is seeking to extend his legs it is a must to visit the nearby fishing village of Agios Stephanos. However, walking in the immediate surroundings of Arillas, with its relatively flat terrain, will also do you good. The real tough as nails person, the swashbucklers among us naturally want more! By foot they visit the surrounding villages as Avliotes, Afionas, Magoulades and Kavadades, whistling and singing as they go.
    If you already have the calf muscles built for cycling you can have lots of fun. The wide surrounding area of Arillas is a real challenge for the dyed-in-the-wool pedal pusher who is used to doing his weekly kilometres in his own plain country. If you do not want to miss your cycling while here, then hire a bike! If you simply have to make your kilometres, if you are committed then you’re in the right place, here in the beautiful north west of Corfu.
    Discover Sidari with its Canal d'Amour, have lunch at Dionysos after your lungs have recovered from the climb to the utmost heights of Afionas. Or feel the breeze on the wide hinterland of northwest of Corfu. Corfu is a hiking and biking paradise! With Zambeta you're in the middle of it.

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