Agios Ioannis - Corfu

Exactly in the centre of Corfu, ten kilometres from the capital city Kerkyra, you will find this small village, situated on the road to Ropa Valley. Because of its central position, and thus not directly near the sea, this village isn’t very touristy, that’s why it has kept its original Greek character. That’s its charm!
During the summer there are always the comings and goings of the citizens to the picturesque square with its small chapel and a taverna. There they feel the need to discuss world problems. For a Greek it is much easier to speak with a glass of ouzo or wine at hand and you will hear them from a distance. By the way, tourists are more than welcome to participate in the discussion, although they know better what's wrong with the world. But who cares? If you drink enough ouzo you might reply in almost fluent Greek!

Holiday among the Greeks

square corfuThis picturesque village contains several tavernas, a Kafeneion, a hotel and a psystaria (grill house) where you can have a delicious meal and not break the bank. If you got injured when you fell down while climbing Pantokrator by bike, no problem, there is a pharmacist in Agios Ioannis, too.
For your daily needs there are two supermarkets in the shadow of the only traffic lights in the village. It’s not a supermarket like Asda or such. The size of Anne Katie’s Market is comparable to an average bedroom, but you will find anything you want. The room is stuffed with tons of groceries in all sizes and shapes. Between piles of candy and cakes, sacks of bread and bags of tobacco you will find a small space of room for Anne Katie, the manager of the store. This friendly lady is always willing to help you when purchasing and placing your telephone card order.
An extra distinction of this Corfiot village is the existence of a real wood burning bakery. Start every new day with an invigorating morning walk to the bakery, where the lovely lady will hand over your favourite warm bread. Agios Ioannis has got it all!
On the main road is Aqualand, established as one of Europe’s biggest water parks. Aqualand is one of the top attractions on Corfu. This water paradise is ideal for families, especially with small kids. You will find Aqualand on the main road just on the edge of Agios Ioannis approximately 200 metres from its centre.

Comfortably centered on Corfu

corfu ioannisAgios Ioannis is – like most of the villages on Corfu – very small and authentic with a population of only 300 permanent residents. The mayor wears his chain of office with pride. Even the young ones treat him with respect. The village bobby has a moustache with twirled ends. From under bristly eyebrows he looks over his world with authority. Such a village is Agios Ioannis. In this village you can’t join the dazzling nightlife until the early morning. No way, Jose! The bobby mentioned above will convince anybody that this is not an appropriate thing to do. A perfect place thus for those who want to enjoy peace and ease.
Because you are literally in the centre of Corfu, it is a perfect base of operation for adventurous tourists who want to discover Corfu in all her facets.

Beach pleasure nearby

corfu myrtiotissaFirst there is the west coast of the island with very well known bathing resorts of Paleokastritsa, Ermones, Pelekas, Glyfada and Mirtiottissa and a handful other exotic beaches within the neighbourhood. All beaches are accessible within a drive of fifteen minutes or less from Agios Ioannis.
At the east coast, only a few minutes extra driving, you will find even more beautiful beaches and lovely bays. Very well known bathing resorts like Dassia, Gouvia, Ipsos and Barbati are there waiting for your visit. Those are the places to go for nightly entertainment par excellence. Just get behind the wheel of your rental car and fifteen minutes later you are in the middle of Kerkyra (also known as Corfu Town), looking for a place to park your vehicle. It is a pleasure to visit this capital city with its hundreds of small shops (at least 350 jewellers, ladies!), restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops. My God, please don’t forget your wallet!
The other direction: Go northwards and cross the Troumpeta pass. You will be blown away by the impressive wide natural vistas of northern Corfu.
Twenty minutes to the south and you will discover Achilleion, the beautiful palace of Elisabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi. Even she was happy there! When you go down further southward you will meet a bunch of fellow-countrymen, most of them happy and drunk. It’s up to you!

Rambling Corfu

Agios Ioannis is surrounded by beautiful landscapes where you can walk for ever. Especially in the mountains you will enjoy hours of walking and can gape in admiration at the fantastic views.
On the other hand there is the Valley of Ropa, a lovely stretched out route with lots of secret sideways. Rent a bike and you will find out that this is different from biking to the office. A useful guide for walking in Corfu is the “Corfu Trail”, available on line or at good bookshops.

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