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Once upon a time in North-western Corfu a very quiet and humble friendly village called Arillas was build. Not much history is known by the general public about this small coastal holiday resort. However, the original village sat amongst rich farming land and many years ago instead of the modern resort only fields upon fields of water melons would have been seen. Arillas in fact is quite far away from Corfu Town and most of the people who spend their time there are happy with that. Furthermore there is the fact that in the early days of tourism it was harder to reach than other popular coastal resorts. This doesn’t really bother the people from Arillas, sensible as they are. They consider it appropriate to be in a lower position on the rankings of most popular seaside resorts.
Where the mayors of sun and sea areas as Dassia, Gouvia, Benitses and Paleokastritsa were always battling for the designation of “most visited beach resort”, the people of Arillas shook their head from a distance laughing at the hustle and bustle and hype and thought: no conga for me. Peace was and is still an asset in this rural part of Corfu.

Easy, easy in northwest Corfu

arillas corfu 02Nowadays tourists delight in staying in this beautiful area of Corfu, Greece’s favourite holiday island. Quite clearly you can see that the peaceful character that has always characterized Arillas is not lost. There is still an air of calmness in the village and of its inhabitants. In Arillas and the surrounding area, of this picturesque coastal town, men consider hurry and haste as something objectionable and unnatural. Well, it is actually, they are right - especially during your holiday on Corfu.

All round Corfu

corfu butterflyArillas and the surrounding area have evolved, over the years, into a fine location to spend your holidays. With a very nice centre, with a long seaside promenade with shops, bars and restaurants, and a very large area with homes, apartments and other holiday accommodation it is a very pleasant environment in which to enjoy and spend your free time.
The very nice sandy beach makes it ideal for families. The sea is shallow, which makes it easy for parents with small children to keep an eye on them. Although we’re not trying to say that you’re not welcome without children. The older ones are also in their element on this lovely beach of Corfu. For example: a large part of the cliff behind the north end of the beach consists of a kind of clay which is particularly healthy for the skin - try it you may end up with better skin that the toddlers making sand castles on the beach. At home you would have to pay big bucks for this eternal youth remedy; on Corfu you just scrape it off the mountainside. However please don’t use too much we would like to keep the cliff face!! It increases your holiday fun especially when you cover each other.
Arillas has a very pleasant promenade, stroll along looking at the shops or admiring the sea view on the other side of the road. At night there is no better place to watch the sun set, and then set off to one of the many restaurants that are situated along this promenade.
There are plenty of places to sit around on the outdoor terraces until the small hours, staring into your cheerfully decorated glass which is filled with alcohol, fruit and juices, known as a cocktail. And you think, I wish it was vacation for ever.

Walking holiday on Corfu

The northwest of Corfu is a beautiful hilly landscape which it is great for hiking or biking (either with pedal power or petrol power). With its many rolling hills and lush landscapes it is a feast for the eyes and a source of entertainment and joy for nature lovers. Every day you go out, you will discover new things with every step you take. Do not miss Agios Stefanos, the northerly fishing village, although this is a little more touristy. Fishing is now pushed into second place, after tourism but still worth a tough hike.

Modern and Ancient Corfu

arillas corfuAlso Sidari, yet again a little bit further away, can be found in this North West corner of Corfu. The feel of Sidari is very different, here partying seems to be the key word to enjoying a good holiday. However it is worth a visit even if it's just to enjoy the Canal d'Amour, the beautifully carved sandbars, and the panoramic views across the Ionian Sea and the Diapontia islands of Mathraki, Erikoussa and Othoni.
As you drive your car to Sidari through tiny old mountain towns like Kavadades, Garnades and Magoulades you feel like you have gone a 100 years back in time. Narrow streets, pre-war vehicles, ancient houses and elderly villagers walking with their canes are the sights you will see. Gaze at donkeys and other beasts of burden proudly carrying huge loads of olive branches and twisting forests ready for the winter fires. Time stood still here guys.
The same goes for the slightly more southern Afionas. Again, this coastal town is easily accessible from Arillas. When you decide to go by foot, it is sensible to have enough water and ointment in your backpack and put on your best walking shoes. Afionas lies about 300 meters above Arillas. But the walk is stunning and at the end of the effort the reward is waiting.
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