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Glyfada is often mentioned as one of the most popular holiday resorts on Corfu. Now there is no disputing about tastes of course. One may have warm feelings about Acharavi, Dassia might be idolized by another, while the next tourist may point at Paleokastritsa as the undisputed number 1 place on Corfu. Many, however, believe that the best resort of Corfu is Glyfada.
beach corfuAnyway, the expression ‘resort’ doesn’t quite describe it. Glyfada has indeed a very fine and busy sandy beach, but it is far from being a village. In fact, the village is really no more than a number of dispersed houses in the beautiful hills of Central Corfu. Of course we must not forget to mention the utmost attractive beach! As well as some very nice holiday accommodation, a large hotel complex, some good restaurants, the cosy tavernas and a number of pleasant beach tents.
So nothing against Glyfada, let that be clear! You just will not find a dazzling nightlife, a long line of shops and bars and shopping malls. Also the cosy back streets with old stone houses and their indigenous peoples, as you so often encounter in Corfu, you will not find here. It’s not there. Glyfada has different qualities!

Corfu beach holiday

corfu-glyfada-beachThis Western coast village of Corfu is a magnet for sun lovers, water babies, snorkellers and other types of holidaymakers. The fact that many Greeks come to this beach says enough about the quality of the beach and the facilities offered there. It is not for nothing the Corfiot call Glyfada "The Golden Beach". That’s true in all aspects. Especially during the weekends Glyfada Beach attracts flocks of Greeks. With their fellow countrymen and hordes of tourists they award themselves with the good things in life, kindly provided by local restaurants, served in the sun. The presence of the popular Beach Bar Aloha is a major attraction for the younger Greek, with delicious food, good music and an excellent range of cocktails.
A beach as we expect: blistering sun, soft sand, salty sea. Because of some rocks in the sea, the water is of course great for snorkelling. It is also possible to hire a boat or a pedalo to encounter the beautiful West coast of Corfu. Glyfada is a synonym for water sports.

Walking holiday Corfu

corfu walkingAs usual in Corfu Glyfada offers, apart from the sun and sea, lots of holiday fun. For the keen walker it's Walker's Paradise. Since the "inhabited" parts of Glyfada are located in a beautiful hilly landscape, you can walk for hours without colliding into hordes of people. And this is an understatement.
Enjoy the stunning rolling terrain and lush hillsides. Don’t forget to grant your scorched lungs a break in the shade of a leafy tree. However, use enough liniment for the calves, because the vast hiking area that’s called Glyfada extends to a quite high level and the view on the beach of Glyfada is breathtaking from above.
Very occasionally you will encounter a taverna, where you can score the necessary fluids in the open air for little money. There you can eat a sumptuous lunch to give you energy to continue climbing the hills with all the natural beauty and excitement. And then, while resting in the shade of a vine, you know that it was worthwhile all the effort and toil. For sure you will whisper: tomorrow we go again!

Fun on Corfu

Nightly entertainment is sometimes overwhelmingly in Corfu. Not so in Glyfada. You will enjoy the beach with excellent food in the restaurants and tavernas. And OK, there is Aloha White Beach Bar to have a good time with food, wine, women and song. But …, Aloha closes its doors at 21.30 hours. So when you want to continue partying you better visit Pelekas. This cosy neighbouring village contains a wide array of restaurants, bars and terraces.

Cultural Corfu

corfu myrtiotissaIf you are a walker (or not), pay a visit to The Monastery of the Blessed Virgin in Mirtiottissa during one of your walks. This 14th century monastery is, despite many hardships and ravages of time, still in use. The monastery houses many ancient icons, wall paintings and other religious relics, many of which are in excellent condition. Last but not least, we must mention the efforts of the papas who spends almost all of his time and energy in the restoration of the monastery. Give credit where credit is due.
It's a pretty tough climb, but you won’t feel sorry. The monastery is located in the hills near the beach of Mirtiottissa, follow the signs there. As is common at Greek monasteries, there is a lot to buy. Think of herbs, wine, tea and Corfu souvenirs.

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