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gouvia corfuAlmost everyone who was ever on Corfu for a holiday, might have heard of Gouvia. It is one of the most central located coastal villages and that’s why it’s very popular at tour operators to store their guests there. Holidaymakers are dropped by bus loads, leaving in swarms to their apartment or hotel. Gouvia is one of the first villages, after Dassia and Ypsos, where mass tourism started on Corfu. So no need to say that Gouvia is very touristic.
In the two main streets that makes the centre of the village, it is as busy as a beehive. People are coming and going to all the bars, juwelershops, souvenir stores, restaurants, apartments, supermarkets, karaoke bars, clothing stores and other signs of modern holiday destinations. Gouvia is very touristic, with lots of shops and entertainment. You won’t walk in to a donkey with on his back a woman in a dark dress, or meet a Corfian farmer burdened with big bags of olives or other fruit of agricultural work. These attributes of the old days are replaced by new ways of life.

Lovely sandy beaches

gouvia corfu 02Despite the change of character of Gouvia we won’t say a bad thing about this nice coastal village at the east side of Corfu! Fact is that is has got a very nice, long stretched and varied beach. It’s so easy to reach, by foot actially. It will cost you almost no effort to lie down in the sand, work on your tan. The Gouvia area is almost as flat as a billiard cloth, that’s it. You will love the beach and the clear blue water of Komeno Bay.
And what a view! On the opposite of the bay you see the hillside of Komeno, a lovely peninsula where the rich and famous of Corfu owns their villas. If the view’s good for them than you know it’s good. Move your head a bit more to the right and you will enjoy a wide angled view of the Ionian Sea and mainland Greece.

Entertain me!

x lovers 02There’s a lot of entertainment at the beach of Gouvia with all kinds of watersports. Like all the well visited beach places of Corfu you can take your beach chairs, tables and umbrellas, rent a boat, do some water-skiing, sit on a pedal boat, snorkling or just lay on your back enjoying the nice sun rays. Maybe you get bored of lying in the sun at one moment. No problem at all, after five minutes you’re in the center of Gouvia, where you can score a juicy souvlaki, a cool glass of beer or freshly squeezed oranges with a straw. That’s what we call holiday!
Like we already mentioned, there’s a lot to do in the vicinity of Gouvia. When night comes the center get crowded with people from all walks of life and languages, looking for some food, a few drinks, music, dance and other entertainment. In order to Greek traditions it will go on until the deepest of night.
For those who don’t care about disco’s and late night entertainment, it’s no reason to say no to a holiday in Gouvia! Gouvia has a beautiful hinterland that stretches out to the magnificant hills of Temploni. Yes, on the other side of all the entertainment you will find a vast hilly country with lots of quiet lanes, tiny dirt roads, panoramic views, almost forgotton estates and houses and barns from those days, where time stood still.
Furthermore it’s a great operating base to discover all the beauties of Corfu. It’s only one quarter of an hour to visit Kerkyra, the dazzling Capital of Corfu. If you rent a car or a scooter, you can cross the island to go to the Western beaches of Corfu, like Paleokastritsa. Or you enter the coastal road, heading up to the Pantokrator, Kassiopi or utmost Northern Acharavi. From the deepest of our heart we can say: never a dull moment at Gouvia!

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