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Sidari is located on the northwest of Corfu. When you cross the central mountain range that separates central Corfu from the north the views of the flat part of Corfu are breathtaking. Wherever you look you will see these tiny mountain villages and concentrations of houses in the beautiful hilly landscape that unfolds before your greedy eyes.
Utmost in the northwest is Sidari, a cosy and familiar holiday resort on the coast of Corfu. With over 1000 permanent residents Sidari may consider itself as one of the larger towns of Corfu. Not only in terms of population numbers, but also when it comes to surface. Sidari in fact, extends over a large surface area, with a corresponding number of beaches and other opportunities to relax and enjoy.

Corfu Party Island

sidari corfuSidari is not just beach and sea. It is a vast, lively seaside resort with an enormous nightlife -bars, restaurants and a big main street with a collection of charming shops. For the notorious 'party animals' Sidari is a must, with a lively nightlife until the wee hours. Music, food, drinks, dancing, whatever you can imagine for entertainment and a great feeling - you will find it in this part of the island. Sidari is a synonym for pleasure.
Even by daytime it is good being in the lively main street, watching all those happy people having a great time. Several beaches in Sidari area are also the place to be to experience a great summer holiday feeling.
Drop yourself in a chair at one of the many terraces somewhere in Sidari and look over your ice cooled glass filled with fine vintages at your fellow British holidaymakers, who have gathered in large numbers in this nice piece of Corfu, all having the time of their lives. Also the many different beaches and beach bars will provide you everything and more you expect of a holiday on Corfu.
Almost every day there are beach parties and sports events organized by local restaurants. Lounging of course is one of the privileges of your holiday. There are only a few things more fun than holding a Tequila Sunrise in your hand listening to the music, watching the sunset on one of the most remarkable coasts of Corfu.

Walking Holiday on Corfu

corfu wandelenSo what if you prefer the quiet, having completely different ideas of a Corfu holiday than the ones who like to party and dance all night? Do not worry, in Sidari you can also unwind when you feel the need. The immediate surroundings of Sidari are relatively flat and are ideal for walking. All around unfolds a beautiful rolling landscape, with steep slopes in some places. The rocky coastline is a powerful challenge to the walker. Along it are hard to access beaches, just waiting to be discovered, that make the effort all worth while.
The surrounding villages are shouting for a visit as well. Villages like Peroulades, Avliotes and Magoulades appear to be preserved for movies about ancient times. Very narrow streets, with old people who feel at ease on the back of their donkey, slowly going through the streets to their homes which are even older. You will feel like you are really in a different time.

Sightseeing on Corfu

corfu sightseeingThe fishing village of Agios Stefanos, the nearby North Western one, you have to visit during your holiday on Corfu. It is simple to do by scooter or car. By foot it is definitely a challenge, but certainly worth the pain of flaming calves and rasping lungs.
Also it certainly should not be forgotten to visit the slightly higher elevated village of Karousades! Camera strapped around the shoulders, walking stick at hand, you are ready to enjoy this wonderful jumble of old houses, dilapidated water pumps, alleys, streets and squares.
You can also take the bus several times a day, to the coastal villages in the eastern direction, like Roda and Acharavi. Very attractive but a little further away is the fishing village of Kassiopi.
When you go to Sidari for the holidays, you are very priviliged. In your backyard, at the coast line actually, you will find Canal d'Amour, a very special rock formation in the Ionian Sea. Read here why you should visit it during your stay on Corfu!

Corfu Island Trip

As if all this were not enough to fill up your entire vacation, not bored for a second, Sidari has also the islets, Mathraki, Erikoussa and Othoni - also known as the Diapontia islands - in the listing of things to do. Three small but (in summer) inhabited islands off the northwest coast of Corfu.
From the neighbouring village of Agios Stefanos there is a daily boat to visit the islands, what an experience. The population of this tiny island is very welcoming and friendly. There are even some restaurants and plenty of unspoiled nature, which certainly justifies a day trip.

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