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Do you have this feeling too? During your Corfu holiday you see one of those lush mountain slopes and you think: Have people ever set foot there? Or you see a secluded monastery or little church from a huge distance and you want to take a look, but you don't know how to go there. Or if it's even reachable?
corfu guide 25Safari Adventures makes it possible! Safari Adventures Corfu brings you to the hard to reach places of Corfu, far away from the habited world. With a very powerful Landrover we will bring you and your travel companions to the very utmost corners of your favorite Greek island Corfu. We will be on roads of wich you never knew they exist, on paths where normally only mountain goats dare to come. And prohibited for rental cars, if you had the idea to discover it on your own.

The hidden gems of Corfu

Imagine: in the early morning you are picked up by an experienced driver who will bring you and your fellow discoverers to the secluded and hidden attractions of Corfu. But, first a coffee of course! So we will stop at a traditional taverna or a genuine kafeneion, a kind of coffee house where the Greeks use to start the day before tehy go to work. And then, after watching village life while having your frappè or Greek coffee, the spectacle begins!
Soon we will start climbing up steep mountains and hills and tarmac and asphalt will change slightly to rough mountain trails, overgrown with uncultivated vegetation and strewn with boulders, craters and other unevennesses. Now, that's a big difference with the artfully landscaped park in your hometown or the National Greenery in your own country!
corfu north artAnd we keep on climbing and climbing again, until we're at the highest spot, where you are able to watch the most spectacular vistas of Corfu. Before you know it, your imagination runs, wild when you walk through a once so bustling village, but now you and your company are the only living soles there. Or you will experience the devout silence of a very remote monastery, only visited once a year by the locals to honor there local saint, and no one else but you.

All the best of Corfu

corfu safari artThose new impressions and the natural beauty of Corfu, makes hungry, no doubt. That's why we will visit some of the best traditional taverna's of Corfu. Places where the Greeks like to go, and then you know that the food is excellent. Believe me, after a very adventurous discovery there is nothing better then settle down on a nice picturesque terrace and indulce yourself with a variety of local Corfiot dishes and juices!

Benefits Safari Adventures

  • Small groups
  • Personal contact
  • No beaten paths
  • Lots of inside information

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