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The Greek cuisine is well known in the UK. Most tourists who spend their holiday on Corfu, have no problem finding a restaurant. The quantities on your plate do not lie, most dishes are farm fresh and the variation is often enormous. Problem is sometimes what to choose, whether a chicken- or pork souvlaki because you love them both. Sometimes however you want, as a spoiled tourist, something different. Well, then you must try Ambelonas! This beautifully situated restaurant is the exception where you have been waiting for. A alternative menu, although less extensive, but with very special dishes. So do not expect Bifteki, Souvlaki or Tzatziki. More dressed up dishes that characterize Corfu as the Green Island of Greece. The corresponding ingredients are naturally derived from their own garden. Ambelonas Triklino gives ecology high priority.

Biological Restaurant

Originally Ambelonas Triklino was a vineyard. Ambelonas is actially the Greek word for vineyard. The buildings, the interior and the environment, they all still breathe that ancient ambiance. Wherever you go, you will taste the atmosphere of bygone days. The main restaurant area, that is if you can not eat outside, recalls the times when almost everything had to be done by hand. A huge olive press with three millstones is prominently show off and you get more respect for the people at that time who had to get the thing moving. Later someone got a brilliant idea to use a horse, so also here the development is working However it is a clear case that the wine and the oil was paid dearly.

Memories of Corfu

Ambelonas is more than just restaurant. You can buy all kinds of environmentally sound products such as soap, olive oil, marmalade, vinegar, tsipouro and Koum-quat. Ambelonas would not be Ambelonas if there was no self-produced wine to be sold. So you marvel at the beautiful vineyards next to you, the next moment you put a glass of fine wine to your lips and you taste the real country of Corfu.
The whole process of winemaking, from picking the grapes until the Ah! after the first sip will be shown on an overhead projector if you want so. No hour movies, just less than ten minutes so it fun for the kids as well. After seeing the film your appreciation for the people who work hard to make your holiday in Corfu a success.
The same applies to the oil process. It will cost a lot of effort before you trickle a delicious olive oil to the frying pan to bake a tasteful egg. In Ambelonas they show it all and explain where to look for when buying olive oil.

Cooking during your Corfu holiday?

Ambelonas is not only famous because of its wine production. There are regular cookery courses, both for the residents of Corfu and tourists. Do you want to discover the secret of a delicious and healthy Greek meal, then it's worth subscribing to one of the cooking classes. You're on holiday in Corfu, so this is a matter of melting the iron when it's hot. Remember that you'll be a hero once you're back in the UK and putting that typical Greek dishes on the table. There are also cooking courses and other activities for children.

Enjoying beautiful Corfu

Ambelonas is beautifully situated on a hill in the inland of central Corfu. On every side you have unobstructed views of the lush hills and villages of Green Island. The golf ball of Agii Deca tens of kilometers further away sticks out beautifully against the blue sky. But also the lush vineyard Triklino itself and the neighboring village Kompitsi with its distinctive church tower and a bit further away Varypatades. It looks like they're all specially prepared for you You will never get enough of all the surrounding beauty. It is pure enjoyment sitting behind your glass of wine while waiting for a delicious meal.
With a bit of luck you will have the opportunity to visit an exhibition, a theater or a concert at Ambelonas during your holiday in Corfu. Ambelonas regularly organizes artistic events, where you enjoy a sip and a sup, sitting ringside. Workshops, table tops, music, dance, fine arts and so on, it's all there at Ambelonas. All in all a great place to visit during your holiday in Greece's greenest island: Corfu!

Contact details Ambelonas Restaurant

Name: Vasiliki Karounou
Cell: (0030)693 2158888
Web: Click here
Facebook: Ambelonas Corfu

History of Ambelonas

The first we know of the property is that it was acquired from the ancestors of the present owners in 1600 when he emigrated from Venice to Corfu. Part of it was an olive grove which was burned down in 1999 and part a vineyard. Today the total area is about 74.000 sq meters of which about 16.000 are a newly planted vineyard , part is olive grove that escaped the fire and part was left to become a typical Mediterranean forest.
In 2002 after the fire which has destroyed also the old olive press the owners decided to built the present installation to represent the olive oil and wine culture.

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