Restaurant Mpakalogatos

Many holiday seekers who want to spend the holidays at Corfu, love the Corfu beaches, the clear blue sea around the island, sun, sand and the nice temeprature. Though these are not the only things that attracts them in this popular Greek holiday island. Lots of 'em want more. Well, they can get it!
Corfu has beautiful nature, old pictureske villages, rolling hills and racy mountains like the Pantokrator. Also you will find old traditions, a historical city called Kerkyra and a lovely food culture. For those who wants to combine the last three charcteristics of Corfu, it is necessary to visit Mpakalogatos. There you will experience them all.

Enjoy originally Corfu

Mpakalogatos, speak out Bagalogatos, is a so called Tsipouradiko. The word Tsipouro is in the name, a peppy but tasteful drink, made from the remains of grapes. It's comparable to the Turkish drink Raki or the Italian variant Grappa. Here at this authentic Corfiot restaurant you can sit down and enjoy this typical Greek drink. Beside you can have a tasty plate of mezes, the small Greek dishes in a large variety.
This very special Corfiot restaurant isn't changed by modern times, or it has to be the LED-screen on the wall. OK, it didn't exist 60 years ago, but for the rest it's furnishings are authentic and originally. The prices for the food and the drinks are from decades ago too!
The tradition don't stop with the furnishing. The dishes, beverages and products are all originally Greek. So when you sit down at Mpakalogatos, you won't hear the waiter's usual first line: 'Amstel, Heineken, Mythos?'. It's all Greek, and that's what you came for. This writer loves the real Greek beers like Corfu Beer, Fix and Fix Dark and recommands it to every beerdrinker.

Historical Corfu

Outside you will recognize the restaurant by the large posters of a famous Greek movie called Mbakalogatos (1963). Main part of the movie was for actor Xristos Xatzixristos, at least as famous as the movie. The film shows all the adventures of an aronboy of a grocery store (Mbakalo). Gatos is the Greek word for cat, synonym for an odd-job man for a grocer. You can watch the movie during your stay at the restaurant, it's showed on the big screen television at the wall.
You will find this lovely tiny restaurant in the beuatiful quarter called Spilia, nearby the Old Port. It is an enrichment of your Corfu holiday to stroll in and around this very historical part of Corfu Town. You will experience the atmosphere of the old days in all its aspects around you. And then in the end you will sit down at Mpakalogatos and enjoy all the good think for the inner man.

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