Bar Bistro Lucciola

Bar Bistro Lucciola, located in the centre part of Corfu, is open throughout the year and serves tasty and seasonal food. Their cuisine is based on Mediterranean products but experiments with food combinations from around the world. You can make your choice from the menu or take a fixed menu: soup, starter, main, desert. The menu changes seasonally and so there is always something new to try. Let's explane:
About Local Food: Blessed with fertile land and temperate climate we have a great variety of seasonal food that we can use in our kitchen and by respecting the cycles of nature and using her bearings creatively we form a unique and exciting menu. Lucciola also chooses local because we it's aware of the environmental consequences of flying and shipping products from afar and therefore aim to minimize our carbon offsets by utilizing what is available from close vicinities.
About Organic Food: Simply, we find no reason to poison ourselves nor our land with harmful chemicals nor genetically modified crops. We re blessed with fertile land and moderate climate and by respecting the cycles of nature and working on her with care she provides us with quality and nutritious food!

Corfu drinks

A bar that enjoys parties as much as relaxing events. At the bar you can find a selection of quality beverages from Greeces finest wines to world class whiskeys. Complimenting our range of alcoholic drinks we also have a Juice and Smoothie Bar which further completes our Cocktail range. So whether you fancy a drink to relax you or to boost you be sure that we can cater for it. Also with our drinks we try to think local. For example you will find in our bar different kinds of the Corfu Beer!

Live music & other events

Apart from a culinary experience Lucciola also offers live music events and other cultural events such as mushroom fests, puppet shows etc. Lucciola activity centre, which is also up for rent for private use, is a platform for individual and collective expression. It's a place were people come together to relax, share, learn and grow, through organised or spontaneous happenings.So when your keen to have a good time in a beautiful atmosphere and with good company, come to Lucciola Bar Bistro.

Some explanation

Meaning and Origin of the term organic: For the vast majority of human history, agriculture can be described as organic; only during the 20th century was a large supply of new synthetic chemicals introduced to the food supply. It was in 1939 when Lord Northbourne coined the term organic farming in his book 'Look to the Land' 1940 in response to his conception of the farm being a living organism and in an attempt to describe a holistic, ecologically balanced approach to farming, in contrast to what he called chemical farming which relied on 'imported fertility' and which 'cannot be self sufficient nor an organic whole'.

Details Lucciola

Village: Tzavros, Corfu
Phone: +30 26610 91804

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