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corfu_mno02Living on Corfu, who won't?! Almost every person that had holiday on Corfu once, wonders how it would be to live on Corfu.
For most of them it stays a dream, a happy phantasy they cherish. And they start planning their next holiday on this lovely Greek island.
Others though start to investigate the opportunity to realize their own place under the Greek sun. And they will find out there's many obstacles and insecurities on their way, so they will come to the conclusion it will be an everlasting dream.
But there is a percentage of visitors which will start making serious plans for a life on their beloved Green Island Corfu! And during every next holiday on their favorite Greek island they visit several realtors, asking their Greek friends and aquaintences for property, on the prowl for their dream villa, house or apartment.

Dreaming of Corfu

When you belong to that last group, you better read this article until the end of it. Yes, living on Corfu is phantastic, but you must prevent that your dream ends in a nightmare. Don't think that you are experienced in buying property and don't need help. You need assistance from insiders, locals, people who have their roots in Corfiot soil for several years. People who know the do's and don'ts of buying/building property on Corfu.
Surely you can ask the very friendly apartment owner, the one you are celebrating holiday for years, for help finding a nice apartment or villa for sale. The chances are that he is willing to show you the best place of the island, just for you. Coincidently this desirable spot belongs to his brother/cousin/friend/neighbor, who actually don't want to sell it, beautiful as it is. But since it's you, he might persuade the owner to sell the place. For a special price of course! And before you know it, you're on the backseat of an old rusty scooter, underway to your dream spot on Corfu.

Pink glasses?

corfu_mno03Because you want it so badly, it can happen that you consider a old ruin as your place under the sun. Your dream is coming true! On top of that the owner, a very friendly bloke, tells you that it need some restauration, but it will cost you just a fraction of time and money.
'And the legal paperwork, that's all ok?', you ask, just to say something. The seller will look you in the eye, playing he's upset by your question, and then tell you that everything is legal. Of course it is, what do you think?!
And then you start dreaming. Visions of your own terrace with a wonderful view. And there you will sit, behind your glass of beer, hanging at your own bar, musing how good life can be. And at that moment you decide to become the new owner of the ruin. So you ask where to sign the contract, and that's that.
Much to the delight of the seller, who already counted on that. And he opens a bottle of wine and you raise the glasses to a happy future.

Support when buying a house on Corfu

Are we trying to discourage you to follow your dream? No, on the contrary, life on Corfu is great! But you must prevent that your dream ends in a nighmare.
And that's why you need independent help. A professional party which has no interest if you will buy or not. A company that provides fair and objective judgment of the accommodation or land that you want. A friend who knows what he is talking about, who knows the business and checks if the necessary documents and licenses are present and legit. A partner that will keep you informed about the progression in building and/or other matters that need control, while you are far thousands of kilometers away.

Local support on Corfu

Meijer & Overduin, of M&O, is a company like it, or even friend. Both have years of (living) experience on Corfu, have a wide netwerk of professionals and know what is involved to realize your dream spot under the Corfiotische sun.

Wat does M&O? offer

  • Local Representation
  • Property Scouting
  • Residence Intermediate
  • Location Pre-inspection
  • Legitimite Research
  • Secundairy Information Gathering
  • Object- and Background Checks
  • Translations
  • Individual Customization

Minimize the risc of a mis-purchase and all the frustration, aggrevation and financial loss that comes with it. Save time, money and flight tickets, let represent you by locals. Become friends with Meijer & Overduin!

Telephone: +31 616 620 048

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