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The New Fortress - aka Fortress of Saint Mark - is located on the hill of Agios Markos. It was builded to protect Kerkyra (Corfu Town) against attaques from hostal nations. Standing on top you will experience a humble feeling because of the colossal dimensions of this concrete monument. But what a view! The whole town is like a beautiful painting, with the Old Fortress in the background. The old port, Venizelou Park, the main land of Greece, you want it, you got it. Don't forget your camera!
Nowadays it seems only a tourist attraction, Corfu has got nothing to fear anymore of the Turks, the Venetians, the Brits, the French or whom ever except the inspector of taxes. The fortres is not strong and big enough to protect the Greeks from this enemy.

Corfu History lesson

It took a while before the New Fortress, which is very old, was finished.It was built between 1572 and 1645 by the Venetians. The French took over the fortification works and were completed by the next occupier, the Brits. And they did one hell of a job, The fortress is still standing firmly and proud.
The official name is the Fortress of Saint Mark, though everybody knows it as the New Fortress. Why New? It's there for ages? Good question, but the answer is simple: there is a fortress that's even older. You can see it when you visit the newer one.
The fortification is constituted by two twin bastions. Especially impressive architectural characteristics of the castle are the two gates that are saved in a very good condition. Uphill to the entrance near the fish- and vegetable market you can watch the emblem of Galinotatis (the winged lion of Saint Mark).

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