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Very special things mostly are hard to find. If everyone knows about it and where to find it, it was not special no more, right? Well, you can say that of this fantastic restaurant called O Mylos! Beautifully located at a long and winding road on the outskirts of Komeno, East coast Corfu, you will find this very special restaurant.

High level diner

corfu mylosO Mylos (The Mill) opened its doors on this new location only a couple of years ago. After running a very well known and busy restaurant at the Eastern coastal road, owner Petros decided it was time for a new venue at another location. He found it in Komeno, where he himself personally built O Mylos, an outstanding piece of work. A real beautiful and atmospheric restaurant, equipped with all modern conveniences and a marvellous vista. But let's discuss that later.
The restaurant has a Mediterranean menu, so many plates will remind you to the sunny Southern European chracteristics. O Mylos serves delicious homegrown vegetables, tasty cheese- and pasta plates and, like we are used to on Corfu, a wide variety of grilled meet. Fish lovers will for sure enjoy the fish plates that Mama Ritsa prepares. Also you will find a large range of vegetarian dishes.
The staff, managed by Petros' son Tolis (Apostolis), is very friendly and complaisant. For example, if you have questions about the menu, some special wishes or you want some recommendations, feel free to ask. They love to give you some advice.

Vast view

corfu mylos 10Petros, the owner and builder of O Mylos, must have an eye for beauty, folks. You will admit it when you are sitting behind your plate, watching the wonderful vista all around the restaurant. What a first class spot he has chosen to build his dream! Thanks to the magnificant view Gouvia Bay offers for visitors of O Mylos. The Marina, the tiny Ipapanti church (a popular wedding location on Corfu) and even the mountain range on the other side of the island you can see. Here you can see O Mylos by a drone.
The little ones will have a great time at O Mylos also! A separate area of the restaurant is decorated as playground for the kids. So while you and your partner are still enjoying the vista, some desert of an alcoholic beverage, the children are having fun with the swing and a seesaw, play hide and seek or hitting each other on the head with rubber pipes. All guests of the Pappas family are feeling happy.
You better believe it, O Mylos is one of the top restaurants of Corfu!

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