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corfu tango 15When you are on a Corfu holiday, you won't think of home. Hey, you are to busy with lying on the beach, swimming in the bluest water you've ever seen, or you're hiking through one of those tranquil olive forests in a beautiful scenery. And, no doubt about that, you visit Corfu Town for at least one day of your holiday on the island to spend some money in this vibrant city. So your manager, your dull office, traffic jams to work and the office canteen do not come to your mind at all.
Yet there may be something that won't let loose. Maybe you are one of many who are addicted to tango. Yours truly is no dancer at all, although I was dragged at the dance floor at a party once. After a few successful attempts to look like a complete moron, I was allowed to get back to my seat, and after that horrable experience I never made a move that looks like a dancin step. So I don't know how it is to dance the tango. What I do know is that it is an addiction, a way of life, since I am married to a woman who loves the tango. She must tango, whereever, whenever, whatever. Probably you know the feeling.

Tango Corfu

corfu tango 18No worries, you can tango on Corfu! Beside all the dances on the island, the Greeks love to dance, you will find an enthusiastic group of tango adepts who on a regular basis can exhibit their graceful movements with a dance partner. In Tango Bar Epic the Argentinian Tango is danced almost daily. This very atmospheric bar is attractively decorated, and the place to be to find a partner to perfect your cruzada on the music of Piazzolla, Pugliese or Troilo, or to let follow up an ocho by a pivot under guidance of Gotan Project.
If you love the tango and you are an enthusiastic practitioner of this art form then you might already have experienced that you are welcome, whereever you are. Especially on Corfu you will feel completely at ease in the Corfu Tango Club.
Maybe you are an absolute beginner? Or you are a specialist but want to improve some dancing skills? No problem, on weekdays there are tango lessons at Epic Tango Bar, given by a certified teacher. You will find all kind of groups, from absolute beginners until advanced dancers, so for each his own.Furthermore Tangobar Epic and the Corfu Tango Club organize milongas regularly. Check the Facebook page of the Corfu Tango Club to see when there will be milonga during your holiday on Corfu.

Tango Bar in Mantouki Corfu

corfu tango mantoukiWhen you are in Mantouki, you must spend sme time, preferably a couple of hours, to stroll through this lovely area of Corfu. The historic streets, alleys and houses, the calm way of doing of the residents, the atmospheric shops, coffee bars and restaurants are worth the effort of a visit.
If it is possible to combine your walk through Mantouki with a lovely being together with your friends of Corfu to dance, it's the perfect complement of your stay on the island.

Details Epic Tango Bar

Address: 138 Xenofontos Stratigou, Corfu Town
Facebook: Click here

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