Corfu Butterflies

It's commonly known the nickname of Corfu is Green Island, which makes it the godfather of this website. Cause of the green cover of the island is an abundance of rain during the winter and lots of sunshine in the rest of the year. The other nickname of Corfu is Flower Island. The circomstances we mentioned before makes the soil of Corfu the perfect base for growing flowers. And that, my friends, is the reason that a huge amount of butterflies do so well on the island. It is the best habitat a butterfly may wish.
And isn't it lovely to see those happy creatures dartling from flower to flower, make  some small talk with a fellow insect, before they find a clourful bouquet of flowers where they can have something to eat. Corfu knows many natural areas where a butterfly feels safe and happy. The surrounding of Korission Lake is such area. Or for instance up North at Antiniotti Lake. Personly I recommand the beautiful scenery of Palaia Perithia, the abandoned village in the inland of Corfu. Most of the butterflies shown above I shot there.
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