Corfu Areas

Mainly Corfu can be divided in three parts: North, Middle and South. Most people have their own preference. Some like the tranquility of the hilly South of Corfu. Many tourists want to celebrate holiday in the neighbourhood of Corfu Town and other places with a bustling nightlife and beaches like Paleokastritsa, Gouvia or Glyfada. Others prefer the rocky part of Corfu in the North, with lovely mountain villages and some beautiful beaches. If this is your first visit to Corfu, click on the images below to get an (photo) impression of your favorite part of the island.

  • Central Corfu

    The central area of Corfu is the transition from the more or less flat part of Southern Corfu to the rocky Northern part of the island. With lots of nice beaches, a very lush inland, mountain villages, the beautiful Ropa Valley and last but not least Corfu Town, a must see during your vacation

  • North Corfu

    The Northern part of Corfu is characterized by a long stretched coastline, so no doubt you can find many beaches there. The coast and the inland is divided by a mountain range. This part of the island has many touristic resorts, some of the well know, other quiet and less touristic. Check here what you can expect in this area of the island

  • South Corfu

    Corfu South is, compared to the Northern part of the island, much flatter. It is less rockier, thinly populated and less touristic. But! When you want to have a great holiday on Corfu, the South has many attractive resorts and beaches to offer. With wonderful old villages, nature resort Korisson Lake and other attractions you will have a great time there