Traveling to Corfu

Traveling to Corfu is not as difficult as it seems. Especially in the summer, but even off-season. OK, Corfu is an island, so off-season most of the time you have to figure out how to fly to your favorite Greek Island. Unless Easyjet extends its flight programme to cover the whole year. Currently they have direct flights UK/Corfu from April until the end of October. Outside that period the chances are that you will have to fly to Athens first, before flying to Corfu.
However, many roads lead to Rome, and therefore also to Corfu! Here's some hints how to buy cheap tickets to Corfu.
Click on the tabs below with the preferable way of traveling to Corfu, and you will discover that there are many options to set foot on your favorite Greek holiday location.

corfu by planeThe fastest and easiest way to get to Corfu is by plane. Especially during the season – let us say from early May to late October – mostly you can fly directly to Corfu airport. Not only easy but also fast, most flight times are less than 3 hours 30 mins. Within a few hours, you can change your winter jacket and woollen trousers for a brightly coloured shirt and shorts. Goodbye rain storms and cold weather, welcome to Corfu!
Especially if you have less than two weeks holiday, it is the best option. A journey by car to Corfu consumes, in case of a short vacation, a few days of your precious holiday time, despite you do get a chance to see the countries you normally only see from the airplane window. But it would be sin to arrive on Corfu, say 'Hello, I must be going' and leave without enjoying all the good things of the island, wouldn't it?

Flight Tickets to Corfu

It is always useful to have choice. Flying does not need to be expensive, as many people might think. Buying airline tickets is the ancient wisdom of application: Seek and thou shall find. For example, it can be quite lucrative, to search the internet for cheap flights around the midnight hours. At that time, limits or specific date or number are reached or passed and the prices adjusted downwards. You can also save a lot of money by booking early.
Bargain package holidays are also an option. Find your Holiday Accommodation at Green island, tell the rep when you arrive that you will not be using their accommodation. That's it! Once you disembark at Corfu Airport, grab your suitcase from the luggage belt and head outside where your taxi is waiting. Alternatively, rent a car and drive to your apartment of villa. The fun has already started!

Need help with a transfer to your holiday accommodation? Green Island can help! Let us be your Personal Guide. We can arrange a rental car or a taxi at Corfu Airport. Happy Holidays!

corfu bt carYou can also visit Corfu by car! In that case, the adventure begins in your own street, riding towards the Corfu sun, and the party only ends when you return.
From the UK to Corfu by car is a wonderful trip. Depending on your personal taste, you will travel through countries like Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland or Austria. You get the opportunity to put your teeth into a delicious German Wiener Schnitzel and visit picturesque Austrian villages. Finally, you reach your chosen port in Italy for departure to Corfu.
Travelling to Corfu by car does mean a lot of sailing, a ferry ride to mainland Europe and then from Italy to Greece. The ferries, however, offer enough comfort and facilities to make your boat trips a success. A swimming pool, bars, restaurants, sundeck etc. make it a comfortable journey.

Italian Ports to Corfu

In Italy, there are several ports where you can board one of these giants of the sea. Venice is the nearest (and so farthermost from Corfu). It is a special experience to behold and enter this famous city. You had better not forget your camera! This special event is included the ticket price. (Watch photos of the trip Venice-Corfu here.)
You can also board in Ancona, or drive further south to Bari or Brindisi. From Brindisi, (nearest to Corfu) it is only six hours of sailing to Corfu, but then you have to drive a longer way. You better take a break during your trip to Corfu so at least one overnight stop is advisable to appreciate the countries through which you will pass. The present writer once got aboard in Venice and considered it a beautiful trip. The fact is that you have to love sailing. Venice - Igoumenitsa is a more than 24 hours boat trip. Therefore, you have a chance to finish that great 800 pages monster of a book during your journey to Corfu. However, you will arrive on Corfu totally rested!

Travel Tips Corfu

Travelling to Corfu by car is very lucrative if you are going with multiple people. Of course, you pay per person for the crossing, but those prices are nothing in comparison with an airline. Second, you obviously got a car the entire vacation within reach, which also saves you a lot of money. That is why we also selected a few well- known ferry companies.
There are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to travel by car / ferry:

  • It's a long trip, so you might need some accommodation to rest
  • In Austria, Switserland and Italy you have to pay toll on some roads. Don't forget some coins or small change, eventually a credit card
  • Be prepared for the trip, plan the route in front, don't forget your TomTom
  • Take enough time, there might be some traffic jamson the way
  • Some of the ferry companies don't have Corfu on their list. Check for Italy - Igoumenitsa. From Igoumenitsa you can easily continue your trip to Corfu

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