About Green Island

Main theme of the Green Island website is providing extended information about (private) holiday accommodation on Corfu, and what to do during your holiday on this lovely Ionian Island. All you want to know about Corfu apartmentsvillas and hotels, the location on the island and the costs.
It's not only information that we provide, we show the accommodation and the surrounding area by lots of photos. Furthermore you can contact the owner or contact person by this website. So with Green Island you can arrange your holiday on Corfu on your own criteria and conditions!
Beside that we'd like to inform visitors of Corfu about things they can do during their holiday on this lovely Greek Island. It would be sin if you come to Corfu only for the beach, the sun and the exellent food and drinks. Corfu has so much to offer and we'd like to make you enthusiastic about the beauty of the island, the particulair activities on Corfu, shortly everything that makes Corfu such a special and attractive Greek island. We do that by telling you all about it, where to find it, and again with showing you lots of photos.
Surely you want to know all about the good restaurants and bars, where to rent a car or scooter, where to find the beautiful beaches of Corfu and how to travel on the island. It's all on this website.
Last but nog least; we provide some information about Corfu in common, like important phone numbers, embassies, police, what to do and what not to do.

Green Island?

gi corfuDick Mulder, founder of Green Island, fell in love with Corfu the very first that he came to the island for a family holiday. Ever since he and his wife came back to Corfu every year to celebrate holiday, enjoying the company of friendly people, the nice weather, beautiful nature and the special feeling to be on this lovely Greek island.
In 2008 he and his wife left cold and wet Holland and moved to Corfu, where he starts to build the Green Island website, to share his enthusiasm about this lovely Greek Island with as many visitors as possible.

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