Corfu Impressions

You can buy a lot of souvenirs of Corfu. Every resort of the island counts at least a handful of souvenirshops, supermarkets and other stores where you can buy memories of a great holiday on Corfu. Not to speak of Corfu Town, where you can buy your olive spoons and bowls, Corfu T-shirts, funny bottles of Kum Quat and beach towels on almost every streetcorner. Needless to say that many of the souvenirs come from the same manufacturer, of which many are based all over the world except Greece.
How about something completely different? Watch our collection of Corfu Impressions, sketches and photos of some of the best spots on the island!

This is Corfu on Canvas

Check our collection This Is Corfu images in the sidebar if you like. Maybe you want them on canvas, to hang on your own wall? For a more than reasonable price you will have a wonderful memory to your holiday on Corfu. The canvas is provided with a solid wooden grid, without frame. A frame is not really necessary since the print goes on the sides. The size of these special 'paintings' is 35 X 50 centimeter. Click on the images below to look how they will do on your own wall...

canvas corfu canvas corfu


Buy a set of 8 Corfu Impressions postcards and impress your friends and family at home with this unique images of well known places on your favorite Greek holiday island Corfu! With these high quality postcards you will let the home front see where you are on holiday and give them an impression of the beauty of Corfu! Or you can put them in a frame and hang them on the wall.

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Corfu in Common #2

Kerkyra (Corfu Town)

Corfu Easter

Corfu Sketches


Here you can purchase your Corfu postcards

Cosmopolitan Corfu Town

Kapodistriou 48 Corfu Town

Poppy - Gouvia

Main Street Gouvia

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