Restaurant Dionysos

Restaurant Dionysos, at the end of the village of Afionas, is widely known and appreciated for his magnificent kitchen. This very high located restaurant is frequently visited by lots of Greeks, which is the best sign that the food is good.
On the menu you will find a wide selection of Greek mez├Ęs, comparable to what they call tapas in Spain. You might never had a better lunch! For diner there is an extended range of (fresh) fish dishes, traditional Greek plates like sofrito, pastitsada, souvlaki and so on. The dishes are all garnished with fresh products from Dionysos own garden.

Greek hospitality

The service at Dionysos reatsurant is very friendly. The Greeks are well known by their hospitality for strangers (Xenon) and the best example of hospitality you will find in this restaurant. The staff will do almost anything to make you feel comfortable.
Take your time to have lunch or diner at Dionysos! The view on Georgious Bay and the surrounding area is stunning. You will love not only the view at the bay and the Ionian Sea, but on the inland of Northwest Corfu as well. It reaches beyond Agios Stephanos and even the Pantokrator! You will fill up this photostick within minutes. Many people interrupt their hot meal time and time again, just to make extra pictures of all the beauty that surrounds them. Be warned! And don't blame the chef when you leave the restaurant with a full stick and an empty stomach.

Magical Corfu

For the little ones there is a small play ground beside the restaurant. There is a parking as well, but then you have to pass a very tiny passthrough, so don't try that with your SUV or Hummer. Musch better you take a short walk through the lovely village Afionas. Leave the car at the church and start walking, enjoying this very old and well preserved coastal village of Corfu. It will do good to your appetite.

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