Venice - Corfu

If you come to Corfu by car, it usually means that you travel through Italy. Your trip can also be via the Balkans and the mainland of Greece, but then you really would have to love driving and don't care about the cost of petrol.
When you travel to Corfu via Italy, then Venice is the second opportunity to board a ferry, and the best, according to this writer! You have a wonderful opportunity to photograph this historic city when departing from the port. Make sure you have your own spot on the railing of the ferry and have your camera ready, remembering to have an empty memory stick.
The chances are that you can photograph some of the most expensive yachts in the world - one hundred million euros each or more. With a little luck you will see Roman Abramovich at the railing of his megalomaniac boat while he says in bad English: No photos please!
The best is surely the old houses, sheds and buildings, which all exude a rich history. Imagine the enormous crowd of vessels of all varieties in this maze of channels and you know that your index finger is working overtime. And your holidays at Corfu have yet to start!

Ports to Igoumenitsa

  • Bari - Ventouris Ferries, SuperFast Ferries and Agoudimos Lines sail regularly from and to Bari in Italy. The trip takes an average of 10 hours
  • Ancona - SuperFast Ferries, ANEK Lines and Minoan Lines sail to and from Ancona in Italy. There may be a stop at Corfu but this is dependent on the date of travel and the ferry service you choose. The crossings take approximately 15 hours
  • Venice - ANEK Lines sails from Venice on different days. Check their site
  • Brindisi - MyWay (Maritime Ferries) offers daily sailings from and to Brindisi via Corfu from Igoumenitsa. The trip takes about 8 hours
  • Patras - SuperFast Ferries, ANEK Lines and Minoan Lines do all Igoumenitsa. Minoan stops travels to Patras via Corfu taking approximately 8 hours. ANEK and SuperFast Ferries take approximately 6 hours as there is no stop over at Corfu


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