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giannades corfuOn the west side of Corfu, separated from the sea by a lush green mountain slope, lies the picturesque village Giannades. Up from 135 meters the inhabitants of this beautiful Corfiot village look down with authority to the Valley of Ropa, the lowest and also flattest part of Corfu. They see green fields, a few villages, scattered houses and a nearby mountain range. Furthermore his view reaches the Pantokrator with his subjects and then the Giannasadiaan sighs satisfied. Not only is he satisfied, no, he is deeply happy. OK, the Pantokrator is higher, but he can not complain about the view. And he retreats into his humble home, carry out his daily tasks, or works on the land that his dad gave to him knowing that he lives in the most beautiful village of Corfu. Although there are a lot of Corfiots saying that.

Enjoying beautiful Corfu

corfu butterflyIt is a feast to walk through Giannades, the writer speaks from experience. So ancient, so original, so real and well preserved! Visit Giannades during your holiday in Corfu and you will not regret it.
Before you enter the village, you've already made a beautiful ride through the evergreen Ropa Valley. Then you approach the hills of the west coast of Corfu, where the landscape is of unparalleled beauty. Here and there a farm, a shepherd with his sheep and sometimes a house. The peace and tranquility of life there is overwhelming. But then you really arrive on the outskirts of Giannades, the big brother of the adjacent villages Marmaro and Kanakades.
For hours and hours you can wander through the narrow streets and alleys of this beautiful part of Corfu. You gape in admiration at the very old squares and neighborhoods with ancient houses and barns, all with their own history. Yes, the inhabitants of Corfu have not fallen prey to the desire for innovation that is so characteristic to, for instance, the UK. The village is of unprecedented pureness, an ode to days gone by.

Relax, this is Corfu!

giannades corfu 02For a Sip and a Sup, you can also visit this charming village of western Corfu. In the center at the village square you will find some nice restaurants, bars and tavernas. As well as for the basic necessities such as chips, peanuts, beer, wine and toilet paper, you will find a few local supermarkets with the size of a few postage stamps. Again you will experience the geniality of the village.
Be sure to visit the large square in the village and go sit for hours on the terrace, sighing of pleasure as you have the Ropa Valley looks beautiful below you. Probably you are so impressed by the tranquility and beauty of the scenery that your eyes might loose some tears.

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