Because of the world famous resident and owner of this beautiful palace, Achillion is one of the major attractions of Corfu. Her name? Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Princess of Bavaria. Later on, after her marriage with a guy named Franz Joseph, she became Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary. Thanks to Romy Schneider she is better known as Sissi.
This pressure-traveled lady experienced what happened to many visitors of Corfu: she fell in love with the island. From the very first visit she was so in love with this so called Green Island, that she smiled sweetly to her husband Franz Joseph and asked him a few million bucks to build some holiday accommodation. Of course he couldn't resist (Sissy was a very handsome woman) and withdraw a few million gold francs to the public treasury and let her build Achillion. With so many titles and income the young couple could well afford it.

Architecture on Corfu

So Sissy hired a very famous Italian architect called Carito, which mission was to build a palace. Money was no object. That did not fall on deaf ears! From all the corners of Italy and Greece artists were summoned to make something beautiful out of it. And it worked out, as you can see nowadays!
The palace as well as the gardens are beautifully situated, with fabulous views over the city of Kerkyra (Corfu Town), the surrounding countryside and the Ionian Sea. Achilleion was excessively decorated with images and statues of Italian origin. The most famous image is undoubtedly the one of the dying Achilles, Sissi's mythological hero. The sculpture is indeed of great beauty, showing the deadly wounded Achilles, looking to see for someone who is able to pull out the arrow that hits him in the heel. According to some experts, the female gender thus, he has a nice butt, our Achilles.
One of the later owners, who found out that dying was no good, gave orders to sculpture an Achilles of huge dimensions with a more heroic pose and put it on a flashy place. I admit, this statue shows a tough and fearless Giant called Achilles. He got a nice spot in the garden on the north, where he can keep an eye on every ship that enters Corfu.
This writer however is inclined to say that the image of the dying hero is more beautiful and impressive. The tough guy is just standing there, leaning Upon his spear, doing nothing but staring a little dazed in front of him.
The marble version shows action! The mortally wounded Achilles raises to the heavens in agony, hoping to find some alleviation. The cause of his misery, a huge arrow in his weakest spot, the Achilles heel, proves that his enemies didn't took half measures with this Greek hero.
The heroic deeds of the namesake of the Palace are shown in bronze plaques. One of the most beautiful is undoubtedly the one of the fearless Achilles, standing up in his chariot, beating the shit out of some eerie creatures with evil intentions. With his big club he crashes them if they were tiny insects. Pay particular attention to the worried gaze of the serpent beings!

Historical Corfu

Certainly worth a visit, is the picture gallery on the terrace on the east side of Achilleion. There you will find, among other things, the nine muses. Furthermore a collection of stray animals in bronze and marble. What is striking about all the art in the Achillion, is that everyone used to go very scantily dressed. Or Sissi did too is not known, nor are there pictures or images of her in the palace. Which is a shame. History books frequently mention of her great beauty and voluptuous lines.
Her stay on Corfu did the beautiful princess Sissi, which in terms of tragedy rivaled Princess Diana, well. Beyond the reach of the long tentacles of her nasty nagging mother in law, combined with the rich Greek life and nice temperature of Corfu she came to rest. She was quite happy during her visits on Corfu. I would also have been in very happy in such a beautiful cottage with ditto garden.
It would have been better for her if she has never left Corfu. On one of her trips abroad to Switzerland, she was murdered by a guy named Luigi Luchenie, an Italian anarchist.
After Sissi's death Achilleion came into German hands, the palace was thoroughly renovated. Beautiful ceiling paintings, works of art and excellent furniture have been preserved. This all makes a visit to Achillion well worth. Note the different colored rooms!
The museum is open daily until 16:00.

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