Corfu in Common

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Corfu But Were Afraid to Ask


electricityElectricity on Corfu has a current of 220V therefore all European appliances can be safely used, however please ensure to use the correct type of adaptor. These can be purchased at almost all supermarkets on the island.


Health & Holiday

water dropThe water on the island is safe but as it has a very high mineral content compared to other areas of Europe it is advisable to buy bottled water from the local supermarket. Better to spend money on water than on a trip to the chemist! Chemists are called ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΟ and are seen all over the island and in Corfu Town. A list of local chemists, doctors etc. is given in the Health Section later in this book.


There are two official post offices on Corfu; one on the Dassia/Ipsos road about 50 meters after the junction at Tzavros. The main office is in Corfu-town, nearby Sarocco Square. With these offices your post has the best chance to be delivered in time. Some local supermarkets sells stamps as do some gift shops. Shops are entitled to charge a surtax of 10% but often waive this if the stamps are bought with postcards or cards.

Siesta Time

siestaMany Greek people have siesta in the middle of the day, giving them 2 days each day. So do the people of Corfu. Normal siesta time is usually between 3pm – 6pm. When visiting villages please respect siesta time and don’t expect local shops or cafes to be always open.


Shopping on Corfu

shopping bagCorfu is excellent for gold shops (remember here the gold here is a higher quality 14 carat as against the usual 9 carat). Leather is also a good buy and there are numerous leather shops and shoe shops in the main town. Local produce is also a must – olive oil, carved olive wood, olive soap, kumquat, honey, preserved fruits etc. Many shops now sell “Ντοπια” or local produce. Unlike some countries, where bartering is an expected thing, Corfiots can be insulted if you barter. You’ll find a friendly attitude may often get you a discount without even a hint of bartering.

Swimming Pools

corfu zwemmenThere are many swimming pools on the island; most of them are open to the public. There is no charge for sun loungers or umbrellas. All of the pools have bars and snack bars. When using a pool please do not take in food and drink from outside. The reason is that due to Greek Tax laws the owners of the pool bars must be able to show tax receipts for all food and drink that is consumed at their premises. If they cannot they produce these they can be heavily fined. Beside that it is nice to grant the pool owner some prophit for his hospitality.

Greek Time

corfu timeCorfu has the same time zone as Mainland Greece, which is one of the most eastern of European countries. The clocks here are therefore either 2 hours ahead of the Western European countries or 1 hour ahead of Central European countries. Clocks are changed on the same day as the rest of Europe.


toilet signToilets in Corfu can block easily, due to the narrow sewerage pipes. Therefore please do not put any paper etc down the toilet, whether in your room or in public toilets. Bins are provided for the paper and are emptied on a regular basis.


Walking on Corfu

corfu wandelenWalking along donkey paths through the olive trees is a lovely way to see the countryside of Corfu. However it is advisable to take plenty of drinking water, wear a hat and most importantly as the locals would say “don’t walk where you can not see your feet”. Like all European countries Corfu has a variety of snakes, some of which are poisonous. The views make it all worthwhile when you get to the top.

Wind on Corfu

Corfu can be a very windy island, particularly in coastal areas in the late afternoon. Very refreshing on a hot day however breakages can happen when balcony doors or doors bang shut. To avoid this problem, please be careful on windy days and ensure that doors and windows are secured properly if left open.

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