When I came home last night at 11, I caught an uninvited guest in the act. As soon as I set foot in our living it slided fast and smooth under the couch, thinking I didn't noticed. But hey, you will not find a snake in your house every day, so I ran to my office to grab my camera...

A Beautiful Guest

This is what I always wanted!
I checked under the couch and found out that our guest moved underneath the radiator of the central heating. There it was, feeling comfortable and save. I decided to use my mobile first to shoot some live footage. Unfortunate it was the darkest spot in the house, so I had to find a flashlight to illuminate the beautiful guest. The juvenile four linded snake looked me right in the face when I aimed the light beam, and started to film. Then I picked my photo camera and made some shots with the flashlight. After a couple of photos the snake was bored and crawled up, behind the radiator. Shit!
So I took a tape-measure and pushed the little one, approximately 35-40 cm, gently to the floor. Then I was able to grab her and make some extra photos. I tell you, it's not easy to keep a nervous snake in one hand and shoot photos with the other. Especially if you have to replace a lens of your camera, it is a challenge, but I did it!
The photos ain't great since the youngster was very agile and movable and I could only use one hand for clicking, but I'm very happy with the result!
Just to inform you animal lovers: After making my shots, I brought my little friend outside and let it free in our back garden.


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