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corfu gordios 03Hidden behind a high and very green mountain and located on the west coast of Corfu is where you will find Agios Gordios, a very dignified but modest resort. Anyone who does not know of the existence of this great resort will not find it easily if they are on the other side of the green wall of hills that separates it from inland Corfu. Looking up the hill you will not suspect that there is anything on the other side. However Agios Gordios is a great and fun place to spend your holiday on Corfu! Because if you look a little further than the tip of your nose, you will find places that others often miss.
Granted, you may hate it when you just come back from Corfu Town, after doing some grocery shopping, and discover that you forgot the toilet paper. Before you pick a bus again, cross the ridge back to the city to get that accursed paper, walk through the resort as there are plenty of supermarkets in the cozy village. In fact why bother wasting your precious holiday time going to Corfu Town to shop when you can get everything you need on your doorstep?

Enchanting beaches

corfu gordiosYou will feel like a king (or queen) on the enchanting West coast of Corfu, one of the most scenic spots of the island. It is another hideaway on the beach, which of course means that you can enjoy the salty waters of the Ionian Sea. Agios Gordios is beautifully situated at the foot of some spectacular hills. It’s a typical pretty coastal village as you will often see on the Greek islands.
Enjoy the amazing views while you stroll through the picturesque streets, letting your eyes wander over the beautifully located apartments and hotels. Naturally, many holiday accommodations have a sea view here. Some of the higher apartments and hotels are up to 200 meters above the beachfront buildings and main resort. What views to wake up to! You will realize that the bay of Agios Gordios is one of the most beautiful bays on Corfu and maybe of all Greece. For those who want some rest and relaxation, because of their busy life, a holiday on this side of Corfu is better than Prozac.
From the white sandy beach, looking up at the imposing towering hills that have millions shades of green, you feel small, insignificant, but safe. Nothing can happen to us, you know. Agios Theodori, the massive mountain, watches over us, protects us from all the bad and the evil outside world. This is holidaying at its best.

Night entertainment in Corfu

The village of Agios Gordios has many places to go for entertainment, enough supermarkets, bars and shops to let you spend your entire vacation here without wanting to leave this lovely place.
For example, if you refuse to hire a car to examine the beautiful Greek island of Corfu from tip to toe, you still won’t get bored. It's in such a beautiful wooded area where you can walk for long hours and find several small villages in the surrounding area. Villages such as Kato Garouna and Pentati, where time seems to have stood still, are only a steep climb up from your secure coastal town. The inhabitants of those villages may stare in surprise when you arrive, red-faced and drenched with sweat because of your exertion, in their village square. By the way, they will welcome you like a long lost friend, so this is no reason to stay away.

Sun, sea, beach, music!

corfu gordiosBut you're not here just for a walking holiday on Corfu. The beach and the sea are still the main attractions for most of the vacationers of this lovely Greek island. Spending the entire day lounging on your beach chair, occasionally sipping a cool drink and splashing in the clear blue of the Ionian Sea is one of the pastimes that can make your holiday in Corfu so successful. The little ones will also really enjoy frolicking in the gently sloping water.
Of course there are many opportunities for all kinds of water sports. So it is guaranteed that you will see Agios Gordios from above, hanging under a large kite, rustling through the clear blue sky. Water skiing, parasailing, or even trying to stay on top of an inflatable banana bouncing behind a speedboat, it's all here. And not to forget snorkelling! Because of the rocky coastline the sea at Agios Gordios is an underwater paradise. It is also very popular with the paragliding locals as the evening thermals provide them with ideal conditions. On many an evening you will see several large coloured “birds” soaring over the resort and the surrounding hillsides. Oh what freedom they must feel.
There is lots of entertainment in this unique resort. Well relaxed, stroll amongst all the outdoor cafes, bars and tavernas, looking for the best souvlaki or sofrito. Or perhaps search for the most beautiful terrace on the beach to watch the sun going down. Many restaurants and bars have live music or organize events such as Greek dancing or other local entertainment.
The bars make it cosy with a range of cocktails, beers, music and good company until the wee hours.

Backpacking Corfu

Agios Gordios is a popular place for backpackers. Usually they store their luggage at The Pink Palace and then jump into the sea without a warning. This trendy hotel honours its name literally. From miles away everybody can identify the hotel by its colour, which is does not really blend in with the many beautiful shades of green of the environment. Whether you like it or not, it is a well known landmark and a fact that many backpacking characters from around the world are attracted to this very well known hotel on Corfu.


Still don’t want to hire a car, never fear. Agios Gordios has a bus stop. Several times a day there is a bus to the main city of Corfu, Kerkyra. So if you want something completely different than sand, sea, walking in the beautiful countryside, or anything that makes Agios Gordios so attractive then you should definitely spend a day going to Corfu Town. You have to pay a visit to this historical capital city of Corfu. Narrow streets with lots of shops, broad avenues with terraces, the Old and the New fortress, museums and so on, you won’t regret it. For the adventurous it is possible to take buses from there to other well known spots on the island.

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