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When you are on holiday on Corfu, you want to see things of the island. Let's face it, Corfu is such a special part of Greece, so it is a waste if you only will stay in the neighbourhood of your apartment or holiday villa, no matter how comfortable en nice it is. So most of the visitors of Corfu rent a car or a scooter and off you go. Of course will come up first the well known attractions of Corfu: Achilleion, Corfu Town, Mon Repos, Kaisers Throne and so on. Do that, they are all worth the effort of a visit.
If you are a bit more adventurous than most people, then you must do a boat trip along the West coast of Corfu!

Discovering Corfu West coast

This side of the island differs from the North and East coast of Corfu, that means, it is much rougher and rockie. OK, you will find large and popular beaches like Arillas, Agios Georgious, Glyffada, Agios Gordios and Xalikounas, to name a few. The West coast is more rocky though and so less cultivated. So you will see an abundant green cover, alternated with beatiful massive rocks and many tiny Bounty Beaches. In Paleokastritsa you are in the middle of it! With the port of Paleo as a start you can make a beautiful trip along the roughest coast of Corfu. Beside that you can watch the famous Theotokis Monastery and Angelokastro from a different point of view.

Silent Corfu Beaches

A question we hear many times is: Where can I find the silent beaches of Corfu? A simple question answered simply, is: at the 200 kilometer coastline of Corfu. But that's a but silly, no? The problem with silent beaches is that they are hard to reach by land. That's why they are so quiet, you see? So with a boat you have a big advantage! Imagine, following the coastline you see one of those lovely tiny secluded beaches. Since you have this boat you sail to that beach and the very next moment you feel the warm white sand between your tows. OK, you might not be the only one, so don't throw away all of your clothes. You are not the only smart ass, you see. There are other people that rent a boat during their holiday on Corfu. But it's definitely not Ipsos- or Dassia Beach, with all respect.
If you rent a boat in Paleokastritsa you can find the next tiny, difficult to reach Corfu beaches:

boat trip corfu 05

  • Agii Triada
  • Liapades Beach
  • Rovinia
  • Glyffa
  • Limni
  • Marmara
  • Linithodoros
  • Xomos, aka Paradise Beach
  • Stellari

Blue Eye Corfu

boat trip corfuCorfu has a few sights that you must visit when you have holiday on this lovely Greek Island. One of them is The Blue Eye and you can go there with your rental boat. It's not easy to find, but ask the locals and they will point it out for you. You don't want to miss this very special natural phenomenon. It is in a small cavern with a small subaqueous opening to the sea. The result is a wonderful emerald-colored water with hundreds of fishes swimming in it. If you have a piece of bread they will eat from your hand, accustomed as they are to people in boats. In short, it's well worth it to rent a boat in Paleokastritsa.
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Points of attention!

If you are a regular visitor of Corfu, you might have noticed that during the season the sun shines almost every day. That's one of the reasons why you are on Corfu for the holidays, and makes a boat trip more attractive. But! It is important that you prepare. Beside your best friend, the sun can be your worst enemy, especially at sea. So do not forget to take with you the next list of items:

  • sunshade
  • cap or hat
  • flippers
  • sunscreen
  • drinking water
  • snorkel
  • sun glasses

Finally, do not forget to go down in the cool clear water of the Ionian Sea every now and then. Green Island wishes you a safe voyage!
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