Aloha White Beach Bar Corfu

For 20 years and more, Aloha Beach Bar is located on the beach of Glyfada, one of the most famous beaches in Corfu. Traditionally this cozy bar is always crowded because of the pleasant atmosphere. Of course it's also the view over the endless Ionian Sea that contributes to the happy feeling when you're sitting behind your cocktail.
In the morning you can read your newspaper, enjoying a cup of Greek coffee, while occasionally throwing a smug glance at the beach wondering where the blue of the sky turns into the blue of the sea. A late breakfast can also be enjoyed in the form of a sandwich or a club sandwich here. At noon the kitchen is open and you can have an extended lunch. Enjoy a traditional Greek lunch with a huge Gyros platter for example and a nice glass of beer beside it. The atmosphere at that time of the day is very peaceful, last but not least because of the relaxing music in the background.

Fine cuisine at Aloha Corfu

There is a mini playground for the little ones, so you can have your meal in peace while the kids are playing at the beach or with the toys in the playground. From the moment that you should greet with Kali Nigta (from 5 o'clock in the afternoon) the atmosphere gets even cozier. The cocktail bar is open for the public and you can order from a very wide range of cocktails. Mojito, Aloha Blues, Tequila Sunrise, Tom Collins, you name it, you get it. The sun sets slowly, the trees take romantic forms, you'll feel great in their elongated shadows, sitting on the lounge seats and pillows. The music increases in volume, the atmosphere rises, the dance begins, temperature increases. Tables are chairs, people are dancers, everybody is your friend. The outlines of a long cozy evening take shape.
For an impression of an Akloha party, see YouTube and type the following search term : Corfu , Aloha, or watch here. For the elderly among us: put earbuds in! Aloha White Beach Bar has a private parking. Visitors can park for free.

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