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komeno corfuKomeno competes with the northerly Agios Stefanos for the title of "Elite Quarter of Corfu”. Perhaps it is because the two coastal resorts are situated on a peninsula, that the rich are attracted to these beautiful Corfu locations. The most striking difference might be that the wealthy Greeks have built their pleasant villas in Komeno, while mainly the English jetset choose Agios Stefanos as the appropriate place to own a villa.
The fact is that Komeno is beautifully located and highly recommended to spend your vacation on Corfu. A picturesque nature, a huge hiking area, beautiful villas with lush flower gardens, an incredibly beautiful bay with several finger-licking beaches, that is Komeno.

The better Corfu

komeno corfuKomeno lies between the tourist villages of Gouvia and Dassia and that is why tourists at Komeno can have an abundant night life during their stay at Corfu. That is what many people want during their holidays. Indeed Komeno is not the place to be to party until you drop. Because of its stately residents it is more a place to relax from the daily hustle and bustle. There are several luxury hotels and complexes that usually only good enough for the rich and famous.
So when you spend your Corfu holiday in Komeno you are in good company!

Pleasure Rock of Corfu

corfu komeno 01Komeno is an oasis of tranquility, beauty and delightful villas with gorgeous gardens. The Eastern coastal road of Corfu only passes by Komeno. You already guessed that Komeno itself is very quiet. Only those who want to visit Komeno use the one winding road across the peninsula.
At the 'entrance' of Komeno, in the middle of the bay, is an old church. Sometimes this church is used for weddings. On the opposite side of the bay is the Marina of Gouvia. Taking the winding path upwards you will encounter several breathtaking views around Komeno- ancient olive groves, lush flower gardens, classic villas and landscapes with fruit trees whose branches touch the ground because of their harvest. Here and there you will find a donkey indulging in all the good that Komeno offers. Everybody loves Komeno! Are you willing to make a few steps up in the evening, then you'll be treated to spectacular sunsets.
In Komeno there are several beaches, some of them hard to find and a few even harder to achieve. Believe it, it is worth a try. Komeno Beaches are wonderful. Sometimes you have to crawl or to climb. It might be comforting that – even when you get a scratch or twist your ankle during your search for an abandoned beach – it is the epitome of romance when just the two of you can stretch out on the warm sand, enjoying a gorgeous Komeno sunset.

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