Agios Stephanos

This Agios Stefanos (there are a number of villages on Corfu by that name), hidden away on the East coast of Corfu, might be a small town but is located in a huge area. In fact it is an excellent part of Corfu, which with a little imagination might be called a 'peninsula'. Here the Ionian Sea is at its narrowest. Less than two miles away you can see Albania, which is worth to watch from a distance.

De-stress on Corfu

stephanos corfuThe whole area of Agios Stefanos exudes an atmosphere of serene tranquillity. It is one of the so called 'better' areas of Corfu. Not that there are bad neighbourhoods in Corfu, but in Agios Stefanos the quiet, the scenery and the space is so ubiquitous that many - especially English - millionaires and celebrities have a villa here. Try to imagine: you're standing in a supermarket to buy a sandwich. The next moment a Lotus Esprit Turbo stops with smoking tires and James Bond himself jumps out, hasting to the beverage department, looking for a Martini. Tip: do not tap the window of the Lotus. See For Your Eyes Only, which movie is largely recorded on Corfu.
Other stars and famous people find their much needed rest and relaxation here, which says a lot about the environment.
Walk down to the small, pleasant harbour, where you will see the comings and goings of yachts, motorboats and other vessels. At the port there are a few good tavernas, bars, souvenir shops et cetera.

Beautiful beaches of Corfu

stephanos corfuIt's a special thrill to enjoy the beautiful bay of Agios Stefanos with a cool glass of beer or ouzo, or coffee when it’s still morning. The idyllic dream about faraway places with white sandy beaches and palms will start. You can’t help it.
In the port you can hire a boat at several places. You must do yourself a favour and take a trip along the beautiful east coast of Corfu, if not by yourself then on an organized trip. You'll be amazed at the many silent and deserted beaches you will see in the area surrounding Agios Stefanos.
A holiday on this side of Corfu is always an adventure, but especially here. Before you know it you will stand with a ferocious feral pirate hat on your head, digging for treasures. Don’t do that when you’re on an organized boat trip. The other attendees might think you’re a little bit weird!

Luxuriant Corfu

stephanos corfu 02The countryside surrounding Agios Stefanos is very lush with vegetation of various types and that makes it an excellent walking area. Do not expect a steaming nightlife in Agios Stephanos, although it has a nice boulevard with bars and restaurants. When you want to visit a disco or a club, you can go to the surrounding areas of Barbati and Kassiopi or venture further afield to Ipsos and Dassia. However if you want to try out your recently purchased walking boots or relax and unwind then Agios Stefanos is the perfect venue. Apart from the various beaches of Agios Stefanos you are close to Avlaki Beach, a long stretch of beach with the fantastic hues of the Ionian Sea- just over 16.7 million colours of the water make a visit worthwhile. The adjacent forest is also of overwhelming beauty.
Because of the sometimes oppressive silence and capricious nature it is also called Scary Forest by the Greeks.

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