Meteora (Mainland Greece)

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Asceticism, Prayer and Beauty

Meteora, a stronghold of the Orthodox East ever since the 11th century, is a wonderful creation of the Most High. It is a rock forest which rises from the Thessalian plain near Kalambaka, between the Koziakas and Antichasia mountains. Obedience is practiced here ultimately, the will is disciplined, faith is forged and character is formed.
The thousand and more sheer and soaring rocks with their mysterious harmony, their loneliness and silence, crowned with their age-old monasteries, create in the visitor-pilgrim a silent ecstasy and lead him to “the Lord above, the Creator of the vaults and arches of heaven”.
Of the 21 monasteries which once stood on the rocks of Meteora, six still function today. The remaining 15 are uninhabited and in ruins.
A breathtaking countryside and fantastic visit of the monasteries will never let you forget this extraordinary excursion.

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Days: Wednesday
Time: 6:30 - 21:00
Price: €95 pp, child €65
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